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IR (Infrared) Photography

27 Oct

There are a couple of reasons why I love nature photography. One of them should be because I believe in creation, and I marvel at the beauty of the Mother Earth. I also love what many photographers have been able to capture with their cameras. Most of these photgraphers however, have been bold enough, to look at the world with a different perspective. To show the world how they see the world as it is. The result is a beautiful result that leaves you in complete awe.

So, just what exactly is IR (Infrared) photography?? OK, simply, I’ll put it this way, there is visible light, and invisible light. infrared photography is beeing able to capture the invisbe light. With digital photography this is very possible. You need to get an IR filter that goes on the end of your lens. The result is amazing.

Here are a few examples from the internet, complete with links. Just click on them to check out the photographer, or the source.

p.s I have so many beautiful examples of IR photography and cannot showcase all, make sure you check out the rest. Again, Enjoy.. 🙂











These photographs are not mine and belong to the respective photographers. As an art lover and photography enthusiast, I understand how bad I would feel if some other artist took credit for my hard work. Please visit the photographer’s flickr page and show them the love they deserve!


Bungoma Photography set #1

26 Oct

Its finally here. The first post on Bungoma being photographed. I hope  You will like it.  🙂

I may take it upon myself to add some descriptions on certain images where I see fit. But in the same spirit of Western Kenya being photographed, Here are the first samples of the shoots, And what is going to be an amazing tour throughout This series.

1) The Vintage Rail

2) Old Bungoma slab.

3) Old Phone Post

I guess this is the reason passenger trains stopped going/coming to Bungoma. No communication. 🙂 Kidding though…

4) Watoto.

5) Awesome Wonder

Coming soon to this blog.

19 Oct

Okay, so this is a heads up. There’s a new project coming soon to this blog. A beautiful project that I KNOW you guys will be thrilled to see.

I don’t have a name for it yet, but the least you could do, well, after you know what it is going to be all about, is suggest a name for it. Any way, This is what is coming up soon.

As a tribute to me growing up in Bungoma and Western Province In Kenya, I feel like this location has not been put on the map globally, and even nationally, photographically speaking. And since I live here, I thought, why not start a project to showcase this beautiful Kenyan country side?

So what you will be seeing soon here, obviously among many other things, is Western Kenya photographed.   You will enjoy it, I promise you.

That said and done, there is a beautiful photo that I took, somewhere in Bungoma, I really do not remember the name of the place, but it is quite a distance from my home . Here it is.



15 Oct

So I finally got to do an Album Cover. I have done many miscellenious projects for people, but not exactly one that can be checked out by the Whole world. Done Business Cards, Web page layouts, very many personal projects, but never an Album Cover for someone.

And so my boy Shukid called me up and wanted  me to do him the Album Cover to his album/mixtape/compilation of songs/all the above (read aside)/ none of the above (still, read, aside).

In all honesty, it is such an honor to do him his Debut Album cover. I totally feel him, and in all honesty, I think he is the B

est Rap artiste in East Africa. Yep I said that, you are now probably raising your eyebrows wondering if I’m for real or not. This is where you are to visit his Reverbnation account and prove for yourself. Please Note, that he does not do Gospel Music, but Beautiful music, Poetry in Rap. Nuff said, find out the rest for yourself.

Since this is not exactly a random blog, but my design blog, I will spare you the boring details/


He wanted me to an album cover to the Album “Thy Kingdom come” Please note that I was miles away, at my home in Bungoma, while he was in Nairobi. Never told me what he wanted, no nothing, just an album cover.  So

like any other artist, you can imagine how much stress that can give you. Lucky for me, I’ve known him for Years now, so I kinda got the picture of what I wanted to do when he told me so.

After bumming I got right into the project, simulated a  number of album covers, first o

n paper,. which is just a rough sketch, and then to the tools that I use,. Illus

trator, and Photoshop, and at times some Fireworks.

This is how I did the projects, in order of time. as always lemme know what you think. Check out Shukid also. (that would be cool!!)


14 Oct


I almost do not believe that I pulled this out. Simply out of pure curiosity of just what exactly HDR is, and how do photographers simulate this.

We all know the meaning of learning. I think majorly because most of our lives and stuff we go through require a lot of learning. Graphy. The dictionary describes graphy as :a combining form denoting a process or form of drawing, writing, representing, recording, describing,.or and art or science concerned with such a process.

That is why I chose to name this increadibly amazing post, according to me, as Learning-o-graphy. In the past fwe weeks and days I have learnt quite alot that I have put into practice. I have given a shot to learning some of the best techniques High end prpffesional photographers do. So, today my Youth group went out for a THursday sports outing. We would not have gone due to the rains, but htey soon subsided and off we went. As we were in the field, I took my time clicking away. Capturing both people and nature. I came up with some of my favourite works yet. Both shots at the cloud after the rain, on the opposite side of the sunset.

Another reason why I call this post Learning-o-graphy, should be also due to the fact that I have actually posted two blog posts in a single day. Now, that is something.!!

Marvel at HDR photography

14 Oct

First of all, that is not my video, I do not hold the credits to it. So enjoy, visit the persons chanel and check out what more he/she has.

Any ways, as I told you before, I totally marvel at HDR photography. This is an amazing form of art. It is one type of photography that makes your blood quickly turn hot, you feel a terrible insatiable desire to stand up and scream, to grab the goodness generated from such images.It is such that when you look at it, the feeling that is developed deep within you is a beautiful confusion of something between sorrow and joy, between hapiness and sadness, between a huge cry out of YES and an outstanding NO. The feeling is generally remarkable. Like what you ( or I in this case) feel after reading beautiful poetry. It is a form of art that, in all honesty, just cannot be described by words.


Many times, I have not had the opportunity of just showing you how this type of photography can be good. In fact, I suggest that it should reach a time where this should be the only type of photographic images.

But true, it takes more than just the art existing. It takes an artiste. It takes an eye for beauty. That is what professional photographers give us. Beauty. We are able to see the world from their point of view. ( at this moment, I stand and take a bow for these photographers.)

With a huge 🙂 lemme know what you think. Do you love HDR??

HDR photography??

13 Oct

As I have earlier on stated, I am a serious photography enthusiast. I love photography as an art, and as much as I may not be a photographer (yet) I believe that I will support the art no matter what.

HDR Photography (High Dynamic Range Photography) is a beautiful form of photography. In a way, it is very complicated, and to what I have now been made to understand, requires a lot of learning and patience to get it right. There are few photographers who I have really marveled their work, especially ones including HDR . One of them is Mutua Matheka. Who also doubles up as a Kenyan .

Here is his Really beautiful Nairobi Sunset HDR. Make sure you visit his blog, and flickr page to check out the rest.

Mutua Matheka's Nairobi Sunset. ( A recent Shot)

Any ways, back to what I was saying. I have been dying just to know what HDR is. So weeks ago I started digging. Well, I found out some really cool and interesting stuff about it. It is a field that is still growing, and I would so totally urge any photographer to try it out. In the same spirit of adventure, I asked myself,

“Hey, why not try out this HDR, I mean, it seems cool and all.”

which I did, but trust me, it is not as easy as you may think it is. That is why I salute all the photographers who do this form of art. Sooooo, to make a long story shot, I went ahead and “tried” HDR. With only one photo. I used an image I got several months back when I was walking along the railway in Bungoma, trying to fulfill my photographic desires. The image was taken by a not so cool Camera (pfffft, atleast I got one, now that is something to be happy about 🙂 )It was a 5.1M.P Camera. One I was got for by my dad during Highschool.-I could swear I was the coolest cat around-At that time I did not even know what exposures were!!. So later on I kinda figured how to simulate an exposure in photoshop and decided to give HDR a try.

Its been so cool just trying this. I will grow in this sector one time.

And be sure to comment and critique and Correct. Help a brother grow.!!

Here’s my initial photo. the one above,…. and Here is My HDR “trial”

Let me know what you think.


13 Oct

What you have just seen is an experiment I was doing the other night. What I tried was to simulate an image form a photo I got somewhere  on the internet. It may not be all that, but it truly is a step forward into what I am learning. As I had previously told you,. this is my online playground, where I want to try out something and get your views on it.



“I keep his word in me, so I’m shinning all the time”– Flame

I am a young Christian,. just growing up. There are a  few things that I have developed an interest and passion over time. One of these things happens to be Christianity. Well,.I seriously look forward to improving myself in this sector. (Apart from design)

I wanted to create am image where it would be evident that His word (I’m referring to God here,) Should be seen shinning on me, Thus the  glowing cross vector.

I really hope to grow more in this sector and do even more beautiful posts, designs and wallpapers, for a passion I have and also for what I believe in.

Oh yeah, and here is the pic I tried so simulate.

please comment, critique and correct.