14 Oct


I almost do not believe that I pulled this out. Simply out of pure curiosity of just what exactly HDR is, and how do photographers simulate this.

We all know the meaning of learning. I think majorly because most of our lives and stuff we go through require a lot of learning. Graphy. The dictionary describes graphy as :a combining form denoting a process or form of drawing, writing, representing, recording, describing,.or and art or science concerned with such a process.

That is why I chose to name this increadibly amazing post, according to me, as Learning-o-graphy. In the past fwe weeks and days I have learnt quite alot that I have put into practice. I have given a shot to learning some of the best techniques High end prpffesional photographers do. So, today my Youth group went out for a THursday sports outing. We would not have gone due to the rains, but htey soon subsided and off we went. As we were in the field, I took my time clicking away. Capturing both people and nature. I came up with some of my favourite works yet. Both shots at the cloud after the rain, on the opposite side of the sunset.

Another reason why I call this post Learning-o-graphy, should be also due to the fact that I have actually posted two blog posts in a single day. Now, that is something.!!

2 Responses to “Learning-o-graphy”

  1. iheartfilm October 14, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    Clouds can really make a photograph, can’t they?

    • John Ochuro October 19, 2010 at 1:30 pm #

      sure. They can, I love the beauty of it…

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