Marvel at HDR photography

14 Oct

First of all, that is not my video, I do not hold the credits to it. So enjoy, visit the persons chanel and check out what more he/she has.

Any ways, as I told you before, I totally marvel at HDR photography. This is an amazing form of art. It is one type of photography that makes your blood quickly turn hot, you feel a terrible insatiable desire to stand up and scream, to grab the goodness generated from such images.It is such that when you look at it, the feeling that is developed deep within you is a beautiful confusion of something between sorrow and joy, between hapiness and sadness, between a huge cry out of YES and an outstanding NO. The feeling is generally remarkable. Like what you ( or I in this case) feel after reading beautiful poetry. It is a form of art that, in all honesty, just cannot be described by words.


Many times, I have not had the opportunity of just showing you how this type of photography can be good. In fact, I suggest that it should reach a time where this should be the only type of photographic images.

But true, it takes more than just the art existing. It takes an artiste. It takes an eye for beauty. That is what professional photographers give us. Beauty. We are able to see the world from their point of view. ( at this moment, I stand and take a bow for these photographers.)

With a huge šŸ™‚ lemme know what you think. Do you love HDR??

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