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19 Nov

Due to a number of activities that will be taking up so much of my time, and the fact that I am a bout to graduate, and have not really filled the semester material’s, this blog will be taking a short break, to resume in full force on the 29th of this month.
Please bear with the circumstances and understand.

I’m a good friend, at least I let you guys know that there will be nothing new until the 29th. But when that time comes, expect a new looking blog, with new materials and resources that are inclined to the general interests of this blog.

Resources on photography and design, presets, PSD files, actions, just to mention a few. There will also be photography reviews and of course, the Bungoma Photography project will continue.
You need to anticipate for this one, tis going to be like something you have not seen in a long while.

Yours trully, ME. ( the admin of this blog)



16 Nov

I have been thinking whether I should post this or not. Why?? Because I am thinking of changing my template to something like the Modularity lite theme. Why? because it offers larger images and I can really have fun sharing images and other design related stuff.

The same reason I did not make a post yesterday. But I will do that soon, maybe today,.. Bungoma Photography set #3 coming up. Yaaay!!

Its officially becoming an obsession and a course I wanna fulfill.

……So, here’s today’s post.

It’s design photo manipulation.  there is alot behind it really, very personal form of expression I must say, I am getting my ground in freedom. Freedom to make my own choices, make my money, use it as I will, choose on what to believe in ( if you are 19 you find it really cool)

But the biggest freedom I have found so far should be the freedom I have found in Christianity. I am a Christian, and unashamed,….

Here it is though.,..(DRUM ROLLS)


image source: verde serde –  Deviant art

Photo Of the Day

12 Nov

Ever since I started doing photos of my home – Bungoma, it has been so thrilling, and so far, I love the response you people are giving it.

I especially love the aspect that finally Bungoma, Western Kenya is being put on the map photographically speaking.

But the truth is , really, Kenya, and Africa as a whole is blessed with so many features photographers can shoot and enjoy avery aspect of it.

Here is another great shot of Bungoma, these Hills are called Sang’alo Hills.


Nancy weds Dan

10 Nov

On Saturday, the wedding day, I posted a teaser about what was soon to come on this blog. HERE to review.

I told you how just by accident, these friends of mine wanted me to shoot in their wedding. I was kinda skeptical at first, but , BOY!! was the shoot amazing.

I will not hold on to these much longer, And this is me sharing them. Do enjoy. I did.

make sure to be back for more. Bungoma is beautiful isn’t it??

Bungoma Photography set #2

9 Nov

In the same spirit of Bungoma being photographed, here is another set. Many more are yet to come, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, it all depends.

If you don’t know where Bungoma is, well, just know that it is in Western Kenya. It is a beautiful small town with a vast country side. It is really quiet and mostly, Beautiful.

I would love to know your views on this one. Tell me what you think!

Nancy Weds Dan- the Teaser

8 Nov

Something so amazing happened to me over the weekend. A friend of mine,, actually, friends of mine, were getting married. Here in the beautiful country side of Bungoma. I am and was really happy for them.

So as we were talking about their big day, I kinda asked who would be taking photos n their wedding, well, it turned out, they did not have someone in mind. It is one of those things that they were looking forward to but they, 1) did not have someone good enough in mind and 2) It was a little bit hard on their pockets at that time to get a high end pro photographer.

Dan is a keyboardist (pianist) at church, and also the leader at our youth group choir. ( Yeah, I’m involved!!) So,.. normally, they asked if I could do them the favor of shooting in their wedding.

What they did not know is that, actually, it was them doing me a favor. Giving me an opportunity to try out what I have learnt and waht I know,.. without spoiling their wedding, and boy!! did I do a good job!!

Here’s a teaser to what is to come on their wedding.

As always,.. ENJOY! 🙂 and do not forget to comment, critique and correct.

Coming up this week is the wedding shoot. Wait for it. It’s really beautiful.

Life in the River.

6 Nov

The River is like Life, I believe. It flows, as if it has no end, as a matter of fact, the river gives you a feeling that it defines the very principles of life.

The River doesn’t sleep, does’nt become sick, doesn’t cry,but may die.

While still alive, the river keeps singing, shouting, dancing, sometimes punishing.

But in each and every way,.. the River keeps living.

I draw a whole lot of inspiration from every aspect of nature, one of them is the River. It gives me the strength to keep on keeping on.

There is life in the River.  🙂