The Spirit Of Christmas [4]

20 Dec

Greetings awesome people, or things, or viruses, aliens, and whatever other forms of things

That creep the internet. I come in peace.  ( That is why I blog)

Christmas is actually around the corner. It is exactly five days to the big day and I know Most people

Are waiting for it so badly. Especially if you are still working, and you are in that type of job that doesn’t

Give you a holiday off. It can be pretty stressful , I figure. Any who, it is important to know that the real reason for Christmas goes way beyond that, that we should be in the mood, not because we have been excused from work for a bit, but also because we  celebrate the birth of Christ.

Speaking of celebrations, I guarantee you, there is only one factor, if you live in my country that is, that can make you have a roughy Christmas day. That is the almost normal power black outs in the land.  I am praying that this Christmas  we will not experience any power black outs. I know you do too.


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