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The Tree that Grew on a Rock

25 Jan

Is this a bad name for a post? Yes? NO?… aaah who cares!…. lol, I do.

Never mind though, it happens , I sometimes run out of Titles for posts. Sometimes I have so many of them, with no posts to match.

Any way, I have been doing a whole lot of learning. On photography and on post production. Well, I can’t quite say that I am good at what I do, but I sure do know I am a really good learner. I have been learning some post production techniques, ones which I plan to use form know on. Its funny though, some of them its actually about Numbers. I didn’t know you had to have like a certain balance of something to be able to achieve certain effects. Now I do!,.. Yay!!

Aaaaany who, this is a tree that actually grew on a Rock.

What do I like about this photo?? well, I’m still trying to figure that out



Forced Perspective [2]

25 Jan

This is the seqel. Its not over yet






Forced Perspective

24 Jan

While down at the Coast, What my brothers and I did most of the time, when we were not out there swimming, or having some sort of constructive fun, we were taking photos. Forced perspective photos. As a matter of fact, we did not only do it the three of us, but my parents were involved some of the times.

If you ask me, this is a very fun and fulfilling type of photography that you can try out in a group, or sometimes on your own( will show you examples in the next post). As I said it is so much fun. But just what exactly is forced perspective?

it is a technique that employs Optical Illuison to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is. It is used primarily in photography, filmmaking and architecture. It manipulates human visual perception through the use of scaled objects and the correlation between them and the vantage point of the spectator or camera.

More info here. Forced Perspective

The first batch for me to roll out ( anticipate more this week)






24 Jan

So I  was using a point and shoot Camera that is smart enough to give me D.O.F ………. How nice!!

Photo of the Day

23 Jan

This is my photo of the day. I want to share with you guys, I so totally love this picture, Hope you do too.


Something to Live For

23 Jan

We all have something to live for. That is the beauty of life. Something to look forward to, something to wait for tomorrow . Mine is not just busking in this beauty of life, but having this beauty collude with another beauty, The Beauty of the Earth. The earth is indeed too beautiful, and all that is in it. ( This is my reason why I think There is only Life on one planet.) Capturing the beauty of life with a Camera.

Yes, that is my something to live for, to remind myself that I will one day, very soon, acquire a DSLR camera, or one that has very high functionality, as I wait for that moment,I will keep learning, keep dreaming, that one day I WILL SHOW THE WORLD TO THE WORLD. Show it through my eyes, my view, I will have the world in wallpapers on computers, wall ‘portraits’ on the walls.

That is my something to live for, And that is my drive this week.


Rock Art

22 Jan

You have heard of it, seen it in History books, well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, 21st Century Rock Art.

Rock art happens to be among the earliest forms of writing and art that man ever did. The first drawing pad was against the wall, its unfortunate to think that that has evolved into Graffiti, but then again come to think of it, Graffiti is actually a very cool form of art. Solid line of thought there, that there were budding and passionate artists that just spent their time drawing on the walls. I can imagine it grew into a fad, it was the in thing, Rock artists would meet and make sure they scribble in all the Rocks that they found. Then we also got Rock art enthusiasts, the Chiefs and elderly people who purchased the forms of art. Those who Bought a Cave, as a collection since it had Art in it.

There were respected Rock Artists, those whom everyone died to emulate, an art icon, one who in the villages was known more that Da Vinci would ever be known, whom got all the girls, all the pretty ones. Of course, the girls would almost do anything to be drawn by this now artistic Lord.  The Lord of the Rock Art.

We can only imagine how it was. Any ways, I came across ROCK ART that I thought I should share. The beauty of Rock art, is that it was designed to pass a message. It was a way of Communication, a Story told, talking of Wars, Famine or even Love. This one right here is to cover the same purpose. To Communicate to tell a story, to show.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Rock Art.




Painting with the sunset.

22 Jan


15 Jan

So I was inspired by @SteveKitots to try out Monochromed photos. He does it soo well on his blog you immediately fall in love. So, fine, I have not had a great monochrome friendly shot, but I decided to use any, and somehow, I landed on this one, took it along the shore of the beach. My brother and I wanted to do this for some girl somewhere, but I guess the matter was soon forgotten.

Monochrome is a good style, Maybe one day I will be very comfortable with it ( why lie, I love Color)

Check out his blog, there’s so much talent in there LINK



Sunrise in High Dynamic Range

15 Jan

Last month, My family went over to Malindi for the Holidays. And boy was it fun!! Every aspect of it. I have documented photos and videos.. hint hint!! Any way, here is a beautiful (in my opinion) shot of the sunrise at Malindi. Its in HDR, (High Dynamic Range) This is a style that I have not quite mastered, Please, if you are a pro, please give directions here, you know, comment, correct, critique.

I want this blog to go back to what it was initially, an online playground where I get to learn and if possible, teach a thing or two


here it is, yet again,.. enjoy