3 Jan

I shot this image of a toilet somewhere in the village while I visited my grand mother.

I think I like everything about this photo. It has been established to enable man take care of a very crucial issue. Another very good thing about it is that it is very very simple. I admire that about village folk. They do not look for so much, just existence.

In our current world, issues of privacy are everywhere, from people complaining about the government putting up cctv cameras, people suing major internet companies for breach of piracy, schools being closed down, people taken to court,.. countless.

I find it priceless that people have a loo like this, and are comfortable with it, (I think)……


One Response to “TOILET ISSUES”

  1. Prezyack January 17, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    Told you I’d check it..Kul dude..Love the blog.

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