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Photo Of the Day- Valentine’s Special

14 Feb


Have a happy Valentines People


I Love You Wall Paper Pack

14 Feb


remember this?? Grab yours now

1400 X 900 1600 X 1280 1900 X 1440 1920 X 1200 iPad phone


Happy Valentines!!

1440 X 900

Photo of the Day

12 Feb

It was a raven.


that’s so RAVEN


I did not leave my watermark down there.

Beyond The Sunrise Wallpaper Pack * Retro Edition

9 Feb




The Pack



choose your resolution here.

1440 X 900 1600X1280 1900 X 1440 1920 X 1200 iPad

I Will Fly Away.

9 Feb

I am not the only person inspired by birds of flight I suppose.

There is something about flying that just makes me feel good from inside.

Something about flying that makes me think of achieving the impossible.

There is something about flying that gives me a sense of freedom,

A sense of reaching out, grabbing, taking, pursuing.

Something about flying that makes me know

well,… not really sure what, but it makes me just know,

To overcome it all, I gotta fly away, I need to fly away.



Photo of the Day- Ocean Cows

8 Feb

I was going to give you that, ‘this photo shall be delivered without words ‘ but,.. Hey, I think I wanna say something, I mean, its my blog right>???

It was in the evening, the sun was setting, then I see these Cows, with their herdsmen. I used to think, well, basically from my Social Studies class, that people who lived by the ocean were solely fishermen, boy,was I in for a surprise. Then again I thought, If Animals can communicate, can you imagine the type of stories these Cows hear??? It is like living in a different world all together, and they are the aliens.


While you ponder about this, The photo shall be delivered without more words.


Heavenly Wall paper Pack

8 Feb

The #2 Wallpaper this week. I know, I was supposed to make these posts earlier on,but School!!! man, School. I had classes from 8 in the morning,. so,….


the Wallpaper Pack.


choose your resolution down here

1440 X 900 1600X1280 1920 X 1200 1900 X1440 ipad phone


Feel Free to Download and Share the Love while its Still Available.

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Photo of The Day

7 Feb

And it shall be delivered without words.


With Age comes Wisdom

7 Feb





With Age Comes Wisdom,

With Wisdom, Knowledge

With Knowledge, Discovery

With Discovery, Opinion

With Opinion, Argument,

With Argument, Thought,

With Thought, Life,

With Life, Growth,

With Growth, Age

With Age comes Wisdom.


poetry and Photography (c) John Ochuro

Beyond the Sunrise Wallpaper Pack

7 Feb

Guys, I am excited much. Today, I launch my very first to the world wall paper pack i sure do hope you will enjoy it. I already am.


Its as Beautiful as this.


choose your resolution below

1440 X 900 1600 X 1280 1900 X 1440

1920 X1200 ipad phone

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