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30 Mar

Back ground

At the end of last year, I had decided and told God that I was going to use Creative Arts as a form of enlighting others and Also Spreading the Gospel. Creative arts include alot of things, from Performance arts such as Music and Acting, to Visual art. The plan was to use any available means to do so. And it partly worked, or its partly working.

Any ways, a friend of mine and I got together, and we are working on this project. It is called Kamilika. As you guessed it ( or now trying to guess,) It is a Christian based project.



Kamilika is a youth ministry that focusses on young urban youth. It is a clothline that foccuses on Positive and Encouraging Christian Vibe. Kamilika Clothline is the main affiliate of Kamilika.

Kamilika will be mostlyan online Youth Experience, with an interaction with the physical. It will be a website (hopefully) that provides relevant material to young Christians. To elaborate just a bit about that, Kamilika hopes to provide resources such as lessons and Curriculums created by Scholars and Youth Ministers around the Nation, provide Wallpapers, Poetry, And a bunch of many inspirational stuff that is just out right cool.

Will definitely tell more about it as time goes on.


This is the Kamilika Logo.

It is an image of a man in a tux,.. fully dressed and looking sharp. Ame kamilika.

Kamilika means perfection. It does not mean that we are perfect, but that we are striving towards perfection. that as yong Christians, we are aiming to be made perfect through Christ. Aiming towards Kamilika.

Here is the first tee design, its entitled Pendo la Ajabu,.. which means, No ordinary Love.

There is a lot to share about that, but for now, enjoy the first view by the world.,..



30 Mar

I may be moody. Why? I walked out of a Financial Accontinc C.A.T today. But that may not be a totally bad thing because I kinda passed the other cat. Any who, maybe this business course wasn’t exactly the best thing for me. Then again, It definitely was.  I’m not complaining though.

So I had an image I wanted to share. Since I have no internet at my house this week, I have been passing by the Cyber cafe just outside School, blogging, and catching up in all the online fun. I guess among the basic needs of an individual like me should be the internet. I know people have all these arguments about the internet beeing a neccesary evil that should be done away with. While that may be true, there is more than just porn on the internet. There are millions of Resources and Information. Like for me, I have been in an online School Learning Photography and Digital Art. At the same time, I am in a day school learning Business. The Combo = DEADLY !!

Without further ado,.. lemme share and image I have been wanting to. I also have a blog post to do right after this about Kamilika. You remember the project I was telling you about?.. yes , That ONE!


Cinematic and Panorama

28 Mar

Good people, hope all of you are good. I am too.  A lot has happened the last few days. For one, I got my hands on Adobe Creative Suite 5 !!! yes ! Finally, Its been a long time of wait but I finally got it. I just felt like I wanted to use CS5. you see, I have never really used it, I started using photoshop 7 ages ago, when I was still growing up, it was my Dad’s , then I got CS2 then CS3 and I have been using it ever since. I never upgraded to Creative Suite 5 or anything. So you kinda know how cool it feels to be able to do so! Naww mean??

Any who, for a long time I have had the craving to process my photos and give them a Cinematic effect. I’m still learning to do that. When I got my hands on CS5 yesterday, I thought, what better thing to do than to try out the Cinematic effect. I kinda pulled it off. But there is too much to learn. Trick to learn this is to watch alot of movies. And i mean a lot of movies.

here are the Cinematic ones I did


and another one




And now to Panorama. For a second I thought I will never like Panorama,… but I do, will be doing a lot more often, especially since I love landscapes,.. here are few I’ll share few for now



and another thing good people, I’m scouting for a creative water mark for my photos,.. suggestions

Off my Head Photography techniques

24 Mar

Here are some of the off my head photography techniques I know. It may not exactly be everything, but its what I can remember in the fastest t time possible.

1. HDR (High Dynamic Range ) Photography

2. Tilt Shift Photography

3.Motion Blur photography

4.Macro Photography

5.Nocturnal Photography

6.Black and White Photography

7.Lomography- Lomo photography

8. Food photography

9. Sport Photography

10.Panoramic Photography

11.Underwater Photography

12. Light Painting photography

13. Smoke painting photography

14.Abstract photography

15. High Speed photography

16. Infrared Photography

17. Vintage Photography

18. Portrait photography


And the list goes on,.. but that is the most my brain could come up with in the fastest time possible without Google reference.

Mid- End march update

24 Mar

I don’t believe I am re writing this post, 24 hours later. Yesterday i did this post, and boy, was it LONG!!, but when I hit publish, WordPress gave me this HUGE WOOPS!!!, and guess what my freakishly long post was gone like that. I was really bored, got off WordPress and got concerned with other stuff. But now, I’m on new inspiration, inspiration triggered by Chocolate and Fruit Salad.

On to my yesterday post, or is it my today’s,..on to the post (that makes so much more sense)

I have been kinda busy and held up. Yeah, I can blame school for that. I remember a time when I told myself that I will never allow school to come between me and my blogging. I also remember the day I told my dentist I will never eat Candy and whole other sweets. But I guess that is life, right? So school did kinda,… sorta, in a way get between me and my blogging and photography and all, and it may get worse, there are all this things to be done, assignments, lectures, and yes, most importantly, a social life (Its college, remember???) I’m sorry for that, but I plan to change, to change for the better.

I have a plans under my sleeve, plans of making this blog really reader friendly, I was thinking of daily posts, or assignments, or themed kind of projects that are either weekly or monthly just to keep this blog going. Blogging is kind of fun, I’ve got to admit, especially when people read your blog and leave their genius of not so genius comments below, when people give you links to their blogs and  all. It’s really worthwhile. But anyway, the plans may end up to be just that, plans, but who knows, it may develop into something really really awesome.

This year is a big year for me, Seriously speaking. ( seriously speaking??? wth??.. lemme go back and correct that) . This year is a big year for me, Seriously. I am expecting my first DSLR camera mid this year. Heaven knows just how much I am praying and believeng that I will acquire it ( pauses and says a prayer) …. If at all I am able to acquire this camera, it will give me the ability and means to try out so many things. It will give me the chance of learning more about photography. I have been doing a lot of learning this few months that I have been into this photography thing. Those who have been keen on this blog know that I have been really keen on a lot of photography techniques and basically, got to learn a lot at it too.

But you see, a  point and shoot camera will not get me that far. It is just too limited, there are things that I am dying (Literally,….okay, fine,.. Metaphorically) to learn. Working with Depth of Field, Bokeh, effect, techniques like Motion Blur, macro, TiltShift, real HDR ( not the photoshopped ones like the one’s Ive been posting on my blog) … The list is endless, there are over a million things I’m thinking I will be able to learn, escpesially the technicalites. It is possible to learn about composition, lighting, post processing and other stuff using a normal point and shoot digital camera. that is what I have been doing and plan to keep doing.

But before that happens, what will I be doing? well, for one, I’m a total sucker for Digital Art, so I plan to keep working on that. I plan to keep “Uping” my game as far as digital art is involved. Learn more about lighting. Create a home made studio with Home made Lighting kit. Baically try and improve my skills as I learn.

If you didn’t know, I would so much Love to be a PHOTOGRAPHER one day. So badly .

Another thing,I am working on this clothline thing which is called kamilika. It is a christian based Clothline . I hope it will break forth. there is so much I wanna share about Kamilika but I guess I will do,..

will share more some other time.

Dazzling Radiance

17 Mar

When you have cold a chilly mornings, that is when you realize that a sunrise is a beautiful thing. The Rain season started not long ago, and today is the second day I did not experience a sunrise. But to cover it up, I have some beautiful sunrise photos I took back in Malindi.  I hope it does brighten your morning. Giving you the Dazzling Radiance of the Sunrise ( or just the sun in general)



16 Mar

I’m not having a bright morning,.. literally. It’s cold, and rainy,.. I think the rainy season (short rains) is beginning. Any who,.. hope this brightens up your day. It is a bid to brighten mine.


Sunrise Gallery 2

15 Mar

And the second baby in the docket,,,


Sunrise Galleria

14 Mar

Honestly, I wish there was a name like that,.. that way, I would never be worried about anything.





this is just one of many many more like these to come,…….