5 Jul

As time changes so do people. They get older, wiser, more matured. This blog has been here for almost a year now. Why did I start blogging? It was as an online field to share my knowledge and also get different ideas  from other people. It was an online play ground. Then it became a photo and design blog. All as a result of self identity and trying to find my zone. And now it has all changed. Surprised?? Well, that is the reason I have taken a couple of months before doing a single post up. I wanted to find out what I really want to do. You know they say that, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I want  new results, so I changed how I do this. That said, this is no longer a photo and design blog. It is a personal blog with photography stuff and other creative stuff. Basically, it is a personal blog where I post photography and a bunch of other artistic stuff.

I am generally a person who is wowed so much by photography and I hope to showcase that to other people through this blog. What do I intend to achieve with this technique? Or rather you might be asking yourself why I made this change and if it was really necessary. Well, I intend among other things, to learn more. Pushing myself to do something more. I have an intention of making more friends of similar interest, Make myself known. I would be lying if I said I do not want to create awareness about myself through this blog. Most importantly however, I want to become an advanced photography enthusiast.

I am a photography enthusiast. I love being an enthusiast, because it does not limit you to being a photographer. I may be a photographer, then again I may be just someone who experiments with that art. I could shoot anything or talk about anything I find interesting in photography. That way I wouldn’t be labeled a ‘something’ photographer or anything. I am an enthusiast because I am passionate about the art of photography. Both from the perspective of capturing moment and creating a physical, photographic representation of imagination or concept. I want to be able to like what I do and do what I do. I want to be free of limits of enjoying this art. That is why I am an enthusiast.

An advanced photography enthusiast? I first heard this from the guys at photography monthly magazine. There are levels of enthusiasm, as much as there is a beginner and a pro. Advanced photography enthusiasts are well aware how systems work, are aware of techniques. Generally an advanced photography enthusiast has a huge amount of knowledge about photography and related fields. That is my goal, and where I hope to reach to sometime in the near future.

I hope to talk much about photography in this blog throughout my pursuit of advancement. This is also a start of something big. I hope that God willing, The Krox may grow to be a major photography blog. Where its strictly awesome enthusiastic stuff. I have been working on a number of posts, some of which as of now I only have an idea of how it may be. The posts will be something that you would definitely want to keep up to. I will share about what inspires me, what marvels me, what I have learnt, What I am learning, what I shoot, what I plan to shoot, what I dream of shooting. Everything about my photography enthusiast life I plan to share in this blog.

I plan to talk about what inspires me, how I get that type of inspiration, Analyze different photographers who have managed to create a unique and personal identity with their art. Through this analysis, I may be able to peep into their creative minds and try to see what they see.  Communication is core essence in Art, and I believe that photography is an art. Being able to decipher this communication will lead to high level of growth. There really is so much that I have planned up for this new look blog. For this new project, and I hope that I will be able to fulfill it. However, you will have to wait to see.

This week, I will be taking an looking at photography in detail. I want to explore stuff that I love.  I will be focusing on very interesting  subjects that you sure don’t want to miss.  I shall share more on the next diary post. Ciao.

The Krox.

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