Beautiful Photography in Music Video: Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts.

6 Jul

I tend to draw inspiration from everywhere and from everything that surround me. I draw up inspiration from videos, life, pictures, and almost any form of art.

There are a few things in a photograph that usually jump out of the photo and smack my face. Those are, Lighting, Composition and the Emotional significance if any. In many ways, photographers use light and composition to bring out the emotion desired in the photo. Also, a good post processing technique that brings out a good balance of color is essential.

This Video, Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri (@christinaperri ), has done just that for me. Its one of the many videos I’ve watched and gone like, ‘wow, that is something’. I am going to try to give you a review of it, and why I think it is such a

powerfully artistic video.


The lighting is even and beautiful. Being lit from different perspectives for different frames. There is lighting from the back, silhouetted by fog, from a fog machine, from the front for portraiture like shots, and also from different side angles, lighting different subjects beautifully. Its obvious that this lighting was done by someone who has good knowledge of what he does. I like evenly distributed light on an open subject/field since it mostly ends up giving more detail of the subject/field. At times though, lighting a subject is more artistically beautiful when light seems to be lighting only a certain place, and the rest left in a shadow. Both these techniques are used beautifully in this video.





I would like to talk about different types of composition, but there is one particularly that made me fall in love with this video. I’m not a pro when it comes to things like these, but being an enthusiast, there are things that I think usually work in a photo.

I love how a certain type of balance comes when a subject is put against open space. To me that is a powerful type of composition as it comes up as fusing a balance between something and nothing (for lack of a better term). Its like the open space in the photograph counter the subject in it. It is like making a space/field communicate.

This technique of composition is used heavily in this video. And does a good work in adding the aesthetic beauty of art in art.






What is the beauty of Digital photography? Digital control of your photos. Being able to tweak and edit photo. Full control of lighting, exposure, saturation, colors, balance and almost anything else in the photograph.

I love the post processing of this video. It goes a long way in bringing out the desired emotional output in the video. The video has a goth-emo-ish kind of feel in it, with lower saturation of colors, high exposure and saturated blacks. This effect blends in almost perfectly with the fog in the background. Although I have a feeling it was shot in high exposure and not post processed.

The video is also made with the wide screen cinematic effect, which adds a lot of aesthetic value to the video.





As you have seen, a video is just many photographs put together, and such beautiful photography deserves to be congratulated and talked about. I tried to do some back ground work to the guys who shot the video but I have still not got through. If you do find them, please leave in the comments section so that I can update and edit it with the relevant info. I have however credited Atlantic Records and Christina Perri for this work of Art.


Any way, after all that, you should at least enjoy the video. Here it is


The Krox.

3 Responses to “Beautiful Photography in Music Video: Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts.”

  1. kenyanwinebrat July 6, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    Yeah, the video is really powerful. Thanks for visually breaking it down.

  2. prezyack101 July 8, 2011 at 5:58 pm #

    Nice article…I especially love the language and obvious passion for art.Good job comrade.Haven’t really been a fan of Christina’s before today but I should add that she looks somewhat exactly like Kelis…You know Kelis?The acapella chic?Yeah.Except for the whiteness though.

    • John Ochuro July 14, 2011 at 6:47 pm #

      wow, gee thanks bra. I know Kellis, seen her before. lol, for the whiteness, i think its all part of the post processing!!. be good bra.

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