Diary of a Photography enthusiast :Staying Inspired

15 Jul

Among the things that I always do is to try my best to stay inspired, regardless of where I am or what I am doing. The past week, since the last diary post, I have been trying to stay inspired, and yes I should say, I have been inspired. I get inspired by a lot of stuff from digital art, movies, posters, etc, infact, today I got inspired by these really cool tech themed flyers in the bank. Good work was done there. I liked.

Any who, last Friday,  I attended half way a creative[dot]com class. A photographer friend of mine Raggs (@ragskanyi) from Texas gave me a heads up on twitter. They were having a class with Gale Tettersall. The director of photography for the series House MD. He has many recognizable stuff under his belt. Like he did the pilot to CSI. He also shot the season finale of House MD exclusively on a Canon 5D Mark II. It was really awesome listening to him talk and give photographic tips in regard of how he does his work. He was there with his technical assistant who actually did all the demonstration. But listening to Gale was really inspirational. I am a big fan of HDDSLR. It is really awesome that a DSLR camera can shoot just like an expensive camera. I loved it.

Speaking of HDDSLR I always check Robert Balasko’s work. According to me, this is like among the really creative video guys who do videos for commercially for clients. Most of my other favorites work on huge projects like movies. Any way, Robert Balasko shoots on HDDSLR cameras. I think he also shoots majorly on the Canon 5D Mark II. But also uses a bunch of other HD cameras. This guy is totally insane on the Angles he shoots. He’s work is truly phenomenal. I think one is a photographer first, then a videographer second, and this guy is a crazy photographer. He knows his F-stops and all.


Gale Tetersall with a canon 5D Mark II. HDDSLR. below, Robert Balasko and his Vimeo Channel

Now, where was I before I got derailed? Oh yes, Robert Balasko. I draw a lot of inspiration from him, and immediately after the Creative[dot]com  class, I was in his Vimeo channel, consuming with huge delight. Staying inspired. I may do a review, photographically of a trailer of his after this blog post. I request that you check out his work.

Before that I was getting inspired by the Work of Jonathan Thomas,  a scot photographer whose landscapes on Scotland are out of this world. I love Landscapes. Actually I think, I like nature photography more than shooting people. I watch landscapes a whole lot, learning on composition and lighting (the two aspects I consider really major). Then I was viewing black and white gallery of some guy on Deviant Art from Indonesia called Henki24. I really do not know his name yet. I intend to do so today probably . For some crazy inspiration, I suggest that you check them out too.


What else did I do? Oh yeah, I watched a bunch of Short films on Youtube. Man some young people out there are really super creative with what they do. I watch a huge amount of Camera reviews. This week I did The Pentax K-r and my new official dream camera the Leica M-9. It’s a crazy beautiful baby. And Ken Rockwell describes it that the World’s best Camera. Well there may be a huge debate on that but bottom line, that baby ROCKS!! Yeah, I said it. I also did a review on a bunch of lenses. That left me feeling empty from within because well,… lets just drop that shall we?.

This baby is a beast... but all the same, I really do not think that it takes a powerful camera to shoot a powerful photo. A good photographer can make a good photo with any camera. Just a good cook can use any cooking pan to get good tasty food.

But then, that isn’t it, I also got inspired by these digital art stuff from different artists all over the world. Can we just conclude that Art is the greatest form of communication out there? I envy some people on the creative level they are and the Photoshop skill they’ve got. Honestly, that type of knowhow is to die for. I am working to improve mine. Speaking of Photoshop, I also bumped into a digital artist/photographer whom I just adore her work. I saw her work many months ago, maybe last year on deviant art, then the other week, I bumped into a tweet from two photographers about some Michelle Monique and I was really interested. Normally I jack tweets that are creative related. What I was to find out left me speechless. Now that, was to die for. See for yourself, and again, visit her website. She requires a whole blog post. So watch out for that. Probably this week or next.


Michelle Monique and her awesome work of art.


Staying inspired for the better of me and the world.

The Krox

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  1. rags July 19, 2011 at 4:32 am #

    Thanks for the props!

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