Beautiful photography in Music Video : Alaine- You are me.

21 Jul

If there is one thing that really makes me say ‘YUM’ to a photograph, then it has to be lighting. (and composition, but lets stick to lighting)

In a nut shell, this video is beautiful in a manner that lighting is used in a very beautiful way. The video is shot along the beach, and the photographers, (video?) were able to light well in times of Hard Light, Soft light and Reflected light.

Let me explain a little bit on that lighting part. There are 4 MAIN types of Light. 1) Hard Light, 2) Soft light, 3) Transmitted Light and 4) Reflected light. Hard light is when the light is coming from a small sharp source, for example the Sun, and it produces images with Sharp Shadows. Soft light is when light comes through a large dispensed source, say the sunlight on a cloudy day, or something that functions like that. Transmitted light, is when you are able to identify the light source, and you can see the light source in the vicinity, whereas Reflected light, as you guessed it, is light that has been reflected. Its not a must to see the source, but you can see light shiny off a reflective surface, say, an ocean sunrise with beautiful reflected light. ( see my Malindi sunrise Gallery here, here, here and here)

Good use of lighting is important. We see that not only Natural light was used in this video, but also artificial light. Which artificial lighting technique, I do not know, but I can tell you they used continous lighting (ha! Hows that for an answer!!) The blending of artificial light and natural light gives such a beautiful result. Lighting the subject evenly and at the same time, accentuating the environment.

I would say this video is really awesome and simple. Simplicity in its essence is actually greatness. Wonderful video, wonderful shots.

Check out the snapshots from the video.









And here is the beautiful video.


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