Do What You LOVE.

21 Jul

Ever wanted something so bad that you would give anything up for? Ever had a serious craving for something that you have not at the moment. Have you ever had such a burning passion for something that you wanted to do, get or whatever?.  That is how I usually feel at times.




I have read, watched, and listened to some people in this world who have really challenged me. In dimensions I can’t even explain here. In High school, I started reading the Rich Dad series, those books opened up my mind to think excellence, to think independence, to think freedom. There is no reason to live a boring stressful life, while a happier one is at your disposal, only if you want to go get it. The other day I watched a Gary Veynerchuk video that was done back in 2008 about doing what you Love. I really really felt challenged.

There is no reason whatsoever, in this age, in this time, to do what you hate. Or, to do what you do not love. He talked about Passion and Patience and how it plays a big role to anyone’s life. Anyone who wants to go get what they want. In that regard, he was talking about social media, ( it was a web 2.0 conference kind of thing) and how the internet is a powerful tool in sharpening someone into what they want to become. Which also reminds me of a book I read about Creating yourself as a brand, of which I forget the Author’s name.

You see, there are dozens of unexploited opportunities in whatever thing you are interested in. You just have to give it your all. Regardless of what you do, or where you are. People come up with excuses of why they can’t do something they love because of laziness. If you really want it, really really want it, you are not going to be lazy. What? You got a 9-5 job, you are in school, in a new relationship? That takes up most of you day, you have from 7 in the evening to 2 in the morning to do some extreme damage. To create, to build, to do what you love.

Time should not be an excuse for us living a boring life and not doing what we love. 24 hours is A LOT of time in a day. Heck, Donald Trump, the Billionaire sleeps like 4 or something hours a day. The rest of his time he dedicates it to work. Serious meaningful work that pays off. Definitely there is time for rest and play but an extra effort is an added muscle to the passion. The drive. One has to work hard to acquire what they want. To

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. I LOVE photography. I am really passionate about the art of image making. I also really love anything that is creative. That doesn’t mean I can only become a photographer. I mean, I would love to become a photographer one day, but that is not all that one can achieve with this art. It is possible to be a writer about something specific, like HDR photography for example. Trey Ratcliff has made himself a brand name in that category. There are magazines, there are video blog opportunities that can give rise to money. Look at Jared Polin’s you tube page for example, or that dude Kai who does a review of any camera and sells cameras in their website. Look at gadget makers. From Tripods to Bags and all. All aiding to the enhancement of photography. But I can never get anywhere if I sit around and lazy around, people are working hard to get it. I need to work extra hard, do something, however hard or difficult the goal may seem. Today I read this quote-  “Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.” Liz Smith

Point is, if you love it, you will work hard to get a niche, and equally hard to exploit it, thus, the issue of patience. People grow. No baby walks the first time. Everyone has to  crawl and learn small steps first. What is different however, is the speed at which you learn, change and adapt. You see, we are living in a world where information Doubles every 18 months – Moores law. That means everything you knew about Apature and Shutter speeds would have doubled up in that time. Just how irrelevant are you willing to stay?

Another insanely important thing that people must realize when doing what they love, is that they can create businesses out of it. That is the reason I went to business school and I take my art seriously on the side. I f you can be aggressive enough, you can be in a position to create a lot of money in time. The main point still is to give it your all. Work yourself out of the Job you hate. Get into what you love. It’s your life anyway and you decide how you want it to go.

Life is too short to do what you hate. Life is too short to chase other people’s dreams. Life is too short to want to do it like how someone else did. Its time to get down to the HUSTLE. Gary said that is the most important word ever invented. HUSTLE. Sacrificing your time for the greater good of your own life. If you keep pushing it to tomorrow, you will probably never do it or go anywhere with it. Dare to live your dream. Dare to do what you LOVE.

I took the dare. Lets see just how far it can get me.

Here is the video I was talking about By Gary. Powerful.


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