The Creative Fuse of Digital Art with Photography by Michelle Monique

21 Jul

For some time now, I have been doing research about fusing digital art and photography. In a world with millions of stories to be told, not all of them will be classically told as the way  the normal eye sees them. This revolution has already taken in print literature, with fiction, in movies in fantasies and other fiction genre. We see this in works like Harry Porter, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, just to name a few.  Very few photographers have told their fictional stories as they see them in their minds. While conceptual photography exists, normally, it does not exist to the level that Michelle Monique has done so.  With the advent of digital photography that grows each and every day, more artists are given a platform to transform their imaginations into their photography.

What I wanted to find out is how many photographers have gone a mile longer, taking their imagination out of this world, not only thinking outside the box, but thinking the box inside out. I stumbled upon some awesome people who have tried this, but who stood out for me most was Michelle.

In her website, she describes herself not only as a photographer, but as someone who creates, more of a painter. She comes up with these crazy out of this world concepts, shoots, then digitally, transforms the images into something the world has not seen. Here is one photographer that I would love to interview one day just to really understand what fuels her creative juices, and why she has decided to take this form of photography in the industry.

I am inspired so much by her work, and would love to see this trend continued in one way or another. Encouraging photographers to give a shot at recreating what is essentially fictional and unrealistic to their photography. I know I am one of the people who  would love to see this happen. It really spices up the message of vision that every artist should have. Vision is more important than anything else.

Here are samples of her vision. Please visit her website HERE to view the rest of the images. It should also be noted that these images are the creative works of Michelle Monique and not me. All credit should be given to her. I only posted it for purposes of inspiration and critique.












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