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Amazing Retro/Vintage Light Streak Photos of Christopher Kilkus

26 Aug

About a year ago, I did not like Fashion photography that much. Matter of fact, I always felt like it was really boring to shoot people. You see, I am that person who loves nature and all that encompasses it. Well, I have to admit that regardless, I still valued fashion photography and how in essence, it is a very powerful medium of expression. There is a certain technique in photography that I really find beautiful, and that is the Retro/Vintage style in post processing. If I do get the time, which I’m hoping I will, (btw, today is my all I want to do is blog day) I will post various other photographers who have done this technique and made it look so awesome.

Christopher Kilkus is a professional photographer whose works speaks of themselves. He discovered his passion for fashion and photography very early in life. He is originally from San Francisco. Christopher has successfully created himself as a household name in fashion photography, branding forever 21 and Heritage 1981 (now you kinda get the Retro vibe right)

He has worked with a solid cliantelle list  such as BCBG Max Azria, Herve Leger, Forever 21, Macy’s, GAP, Banana Republic, Wet Seal, Fox Girls, Billabong, Sony Music, Island Def Jam, Interscope Records, Vogue Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Interview Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Surface Magazine, Teen Magazine, & others.

Here’s some of his Amazing work.

Follow him Twitter




Pdf portfolio


And now.. ( Drum rolls)














Well, I am having trouble posting links on the videos at the moment,.. but will sure get back to you as soon as possible.





The Krox magazine

25 Aug

I am one of those people that when I get so consumed by an idea, I will go ahead and do it, with a bid to be able to give it a shot.  I want to give a magazine a shot. Yes, a magazine.

So this is my idea. Like a weekly magazine. Maybe on the weekends. To design one, a digital format one, pdf, then available it free for download. I am also thinking of getting an account on the itunes store and post them as iBooks. It sounds sorta hard to pull off right? well worry not, because the initial plan is not to do a really big magazine. maybe 5 – 10 pages. Weekly.

I am shooting for a very intricate magazine design. I love design, I will not lie. Editorial designs have been what I have been into lately and I know that is one thing I want to explore now as I continue with a bid to expound my wings and fly away. The Krox, as it maybe called, well, incase I come up with a really cool and creative name, will be focusing majorly on photography. Just an extension of this blog.

It is not hard to pull off a magazine all by yourself. You know, the deesigning, the writing, the creative energies that go into a project and all, but I know that with time it will be able to kick off.

So, yeah, that is what I am thinking about at the moment. I will redo or update this post later on when I work on the specifics. It is going to be one of the most interesting projects, that I plan to undertake very soon, so, watch this space (cliche` much?)

The Krox.

Inspiration: Wedding Photography by Daniel Griffiths

23 Aug

Daniel Griffiths is an Australian based photographer his style of Photography is deeply authentic and has a photo journalistic feel. It is no surprise, as he is a seasoned photo journalist.

I found his work on Youtube a little over a year ago. Over time, I have not been able to find his other work online, although he has a beautiful website and a blog. Visit his blog here. And Website Here.

Well I really do not have much to say, but, this is defintely a talented wedding photographer.

For some time now, I have wanted to do a research on wedding photography, so I went back, collecting inspiration and looking all over for photographers whom I feel inspire me much when it comes to photography. Here is one of them, the angles, composition and the editing of these photos is just superb. Not to mention the lighting and the location.

My hope is that you are able to grasp some inspiration from his work, as his work is truly something to marvel at. I wouldn’t be exactly able to define what his style is, but it is unique and beautiful. And that is what counts. I have heard a whole lot the discussion about wedding photography not being an art, and I disagree. It is, this work is proof that it is.

Check this out.


And well, here are videos from his Youtube Channel. Hope you watch them, enjoy, then get inspired.

1. the one I fell in love with totally.

2. A randomly beautiful one.

3. A later one with newer beautiful images.


Be inspired.

The Krox.



Of Photography and Water Marks

8 Aug

This here is a subject that I have pondered about for some days now and I think I may have come to a conclusion. Then again, maybe not.  The topic is so intriguing to me and I really find it a critical subject, especially when it comes to digital photography and all. Many photographers feel like they need to watermark their work. For different reasons. For copyright, identity and all that. Surprisingly others do not water mark for exactly the same reason.

So here is the big question, Is it necessary to Water Mark your photography? well depends, honestly, I hate some water marks, Love some. some are really creative and beautiful while others are really ugly. Truth is , I do not know the answer to this question but I would love to hear what you have to say on the issue.

I am beginning to have this bias against water marks, I may probably only have them when I am doing a special project or something. May also have it if I am doing a project for someone and I need to be identified by other clients, because, we have to agree, among the main reasons why we put water marks is for identity. Since we want to be marketed and be know so as to get more work, we watermark.

Any ways, I really feel like Watermarks should be small and really catchy and beautiful. This is because I am just really turned away by big ugly watermarks.

I hope to update and maybe change my opinion on this,. so tell me what you think?


6 Aug

Hi everyone?, hope you guys are having a great weekend. I am. staying inspired, learning and generally doing stuff that, well, lets just say are building me. Much enjoying everyday.

Well, what I want to do, as I had promised in the last post is do a links frenzy kind of thing. this post will include links from various photography stuff from all over the internet which you may then consume for your inspiration or learning. It’s something I am trying out to see if it may catch on. If it does, it will stay, if it doesn’t, well, you know the drill right?

Here we go then.

20 things I learned about photography.

10 Photography Quotes you should Know.


Why Photographers should Love Google Plus 

The Importance of Testing

A Taste of HDR photography : Inspiring photos to Brighten up your Day. 

30 Wonderful Examples of Urban Tilt Shift Photography 





well, guys, there are so many useful links out there, but I sure do hope you enjoy this ones. Hopefully this pilot project will kick off and be good.

The Krox.






Of G+ and Links Frenzy.

5 Aug

Hey World,.

Well, I have to tell, Google plus is really something. Since I joined its been nothing but fun. What in my opinion is really cool about Google plus is the possibility of doing all I had twitter and Facebook for in one page. I mean, I follow all my favorite photographers and creatives and that is just really a sweet neat thing. Then the interaction is just out of this world. Its direct, its one on one, and if you ask me, it is here to stay. G+ can be used to interact, or just to gain inspiration from the people whom you think really inspire you.

I think that as a creative person out there, you should be really willing to harness the power that G+ presents and use it efficiently. the internet bubble has opened up a whole new world to creative professionals and enthusiasts, and it keeps doing it.

Well, another thing is that, I am just about to start on this blog is an epic thing called Links Frenzy… okay, maybe not exactly, but something like that. Hope to get a cool name for it. But this is how it works really, ( first up, I admit this idea is totally stolen, but, what the heck!!) umm okay, here is how it works :

In a certain post, all I do is give links that I have collected over time and just let you enjoy all the photographic goodness from posts, photos and all photography related stuff. Maybe on a weekend or something. Sometimes all we need is good links to a good read. You know, something  that will definitely keep you inspired, something that will keep you happy. We all agree that in this information super highway, there is a huge possibility of not getting exactly what you wish to find. all because you will be mixed up by all these jumbled up information that may at times be irrelevant.

Here is an opportunity to let you enjoy purely photographic stuff collected from all over the internet.

Watch out for it.

Diary Of a Photography Enthusiast. : Point Pleasant.

2 Aug

I did this post last week, and it might as well just be relevant for this week. so I thought, hey, why not post it, I mean, its my last weeks diary entry. The weekly diary post I usually do.

It is yet another week. And honestly, I did not think I would blog this week. I had exams in school piled up like crazy. As a matter of fact, this may be the first week in my life that I went offline for 4 days. No internet, no cell, just me. Have to say it really gave me time to prep for my school work and occasionally get lost in thought.

As always, I thought about photography over the week, a whole lot of it. The getting my first DSLR subject is really consuming me up. But then again, there’s the financial constraints thing on the budget that I have to work on. Apparently I had not saved too much for an expensive camera. But that one makes sense. But I got occasionally lost in thought of what I could be able to do with such. I’m totally amature and I want to pursue photography at the moment purposely as a Hobby, then probably make it a professional hobby. I have a rough sketch on my mind where I think I may be going. But that is as it is, guess we have to wait to see where it goes.

I have also been organizing minor personal projects. I have been doing some digital art stuff tutorials. Post processing techniques. This may be illegal, but been getting those photographers who do Before and After photos on their blogs and trying to post processing like them. For me, its learning. I ‘ll never use their work anywhere else. Now since that is other people’s work, I will not post any of that on this blog or anywhere else. But you can make a guess, if you know an amazing photographer who posts before and after on his blog, I ‘m trying to copy his post processing style. Though its tough, but hey,… A brother’s gotta try.

On the same post processing vibe, there’s this really awesome dude, who does post processing. His name is Thomas Egan. He inspires me too much and it’s only fair that I say here that I have tried for some weeks now to recreate a post processing technique he did, but all I hit were dead ends. I will learn this one time. I suggest that you check him out. He’s a designer, not a photographer. He post processes already available images… you know what, just check him out. You will be seriously impressed and wowed.






Here’s a before and after,…



I also did a post for the blog that I haven’t posted up yet. It was about David duChemin’s new book, Photographically speaking. In my opinion this is a powerful book that I have not read yet. Those who know me, know I’m a huge David Student. I support his notion of Vision being the most important artistic asset compared to Gear. This new book talks about photographers getting able to speak about their photos. Being able to put what they see in words. Being able to talk about vision makes an artist more in a position to recreate, and create, and interpret. In a nut shell, I think that is what the book is about. Hoping to get it this weekend. If I do, will surely do a post on it.

Apart from all that, definitely I have kept myself inspired.  I will do a post. Actually the next two posts on my inspirations. Those that I have kept for the longest time. I also added some concepts to my big book of concepts. These are photographic concepts I create from imagination, along with composition, angles and all, that I hope to achieve one day. Actually, sooner rather than later. The images span, from fashion to surreal. Just things I like.