Diary Of a Photography Enthusiast. : Point Pleasant.

2 Aug

I did this post last week, and it might as well just be relevant for this week. so I thought, hey, why not post it, I mean, its my last weeks diary entry. The weekly diary post I usually do.

It is yet another week. And honestly, I did not think I would blog this week. I had exams in school piled up like crazy. As a matter of fact, this may be the first week in my life that I went offline for 4 days. No internet, no cell, just me. Have to say it really gave me time to prep for my school work and occasionally get lost in thought.

As always, I thought about photography over the week, a whole lot of it. The getting my first DSLR subject is really consuming me up. But then again, there’s the financial constraints thing on the budget that I have to work on. Apparently I had not saved too much for an expensive camera. But that one makes sense. But I got occasionally lost in thought of what I could be able to do with such. I’m totally amature and I want to pursue photography at the moment purposely as a Hobby, then probably make it a professional hobby. I have a rough sketch on my mind where I think I may be going. But that is as it is, guess we have to wait to see where it goes.

I have also been organizing minor personal projects. I have been doing some digital art stuff tutorials. Post processing techniques. This may be illegal, but been getting those photographers who do Before and After photos on their blogs and trying to post processing like them. For me, its learning. I ‘ll never use their work anywhere else. Now since that is other people’s work, I will not post any of that on this blog or anywhere else. But you can make a guess, if you know an amazing photographer who posts before and after on his blog, I ‘m trying to copy his post processing style. Though its tough, but hey,… A brother’s gotta try.

On the same post processing vibe, there’s this really awesome dude, who does post processing. His name is Thomas Egan. He inspires me too much and it’s only fair that I say here that I have tried for some weeks now to recreate a post processing technique he did, but all I hit were dead ends. I will learn this one time. I suggest that you check him out. He’s a designer, not a photographer. He post processes already available images… you know what, just check him out. You will be seriously impressed and wowed.






Here’s a before and after,…



I also did a post for the blog that I haven’t posted up yet. It was about David duChemin’s new book, Photographically speaking. In my opinion this is a powerful book that I have not read yet. Those who know me, know I’m a huge David Student. I support his notion of Vision being the most important artistic asset compared to Gear. This new book talks about photographers getting able to speak about their photos. Being able to put what they see in words. Being able to talk about vision makes an artist more in a position to recreate, and create, and interpret. In a nut shell, I think that is what the book is about. Hoping to get it this weekend. If I do, will surely do a post on it.

Apart from all that, definitely I have kept myself inspired.  I will do a post. Actually the next two posts on my inspirations. Those that I have kept for the longest time. I also added some concepts to my big book of concepts. These are photographic concepts I create from imagination, along with composition, angles and all, that I hope to achieve one day. Actually, sooner rather than later. The images span, from fashion to surreal. Just things I like.

One Response to “Diary Of a Photography Enthusiast. : Point Pleasant.”

  1. Afsal Ismail August 2, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    Hey, experimentation is the best way to learn 🙂 I think most photographers wouldn’t care if you used their work so long as you provided sufficient credit. Atleast, I wouldn’t care, I take pictures as a hobby. Not a professional but I wouldn’t say I’m an amateur either.

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