Of G+ and Links Frenzy.

5 Aug

Hey World,.

Well, I have to tell, Google plus is really something. Since I joined its been nothing but fun. What in my opinion is really cool about Google plus is the possibility of doing all I had twitter and Facebook for in one page. I mean, I follow all my favorite photographers and creatives and that is just really a sweet neat thing. Then the interaction is just out of this world. Its direct, its one on one, and if you ask me, it is here to stay. G+ can be used to interact, or just to gain inspiration from the people whom you think really inspire you.

I think that as a creative person out there, you should be really willing to harness the power that G+ presents and use it efficiently. the internet bubble has opened up a whole new world to creative professionals and enthusiasts, and it keeps doing it.

Well, another thing is that, I am just about to start on this blog is an epic thing called Links Frenzy… okay, maybe not exactly, but something like that. Hope to get a cool name for it. But this is how it works really, ( first up, I admit this idea is totally stolen, but, what the heck!!) umm okay, here is how it works :

In a certain post, all I do is give links that I have collected over time and just let you enjoy all the photographic goodness from posts, photos and all photography related stuff. Maybe on a weekend or something. Sometimes all we need is good links to a good read. You know, something  that will definitely keep you inspired, something that will keep you happy. We all agree that in this information super highway, there is a huge possibility of not getting exactly what you wish to find. all because you will be mixed up by all these jumbled up information that may at times be irrelevant.

Here is an opportunity to let you enjoy purely photographic stuff collected from all over the internet.

Watch out for it.

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