Of Photography and Water Marks

8 Aug

This here is a subject that I have pondered about for some days now and I think I may have come to a conclusion. Then again, maybe not.  The topic is so intriguing to me and I really find it a critical subject, especially when it comes to digital photography and all. Many photographers feel like they need to watermark their work. For different reasons. For copyright, identity and all that. Surprisingly others do not water mark for exactly the same reason.

So here is the big question, Is it necessary to Water Mark your photography? well depends, honestly, I hate some water marks, Love some. some are really creative and beautiful while others are really ugly. Truth is , I do not know the answer to this question but I would love to hear what you have to say on the issue.

I am beginning to have this bias against water marks, I may probably only have them when I am doing a special project or something. May also have it if I am doing a project for someone and I need to be identified by other clients, because, we have to agree, among the main reasons why we put water marks is for identity. Since we want to be marketed and be know so as to get more work, we watermark.

Any ways, I really feel like Watermarks should be small and really catchy and beautiful. This is because I am just really turned away by big ugly watermarks.

I hope to update and maybe change my opinion on this,. so tell me what you think?

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