Happy New year Folks

9 Jan

Happy new year folks,.. really, that is actually all I mean to say. I was hoping to have a bit quite few of some things going on this year, but well, that might wait. thekrox dot com was/is in the pipe line.

Any who, lots of new stuff happening this year. Lots of good stuff that I pray and hope that I will not be too bored to do. Or lazy for that matter. For one, I started a project 365. Which means that I get to post an image a day for 365 days on my flickr and G + , if possible, I might start doing DA (deviant art) also, then maybe facebook, who knows??.. but I’m into flickr and G + momentarily,.. waiting to grow.

The magazine, well that is another thing that I am hoping to work on this year, amidst numerous projects that I have suddenly found myself involved in. I usually like it when I am busy with creative and related matters.

Any way, I’ll keep you updated. Another resolution is to update my blog frequently and have people enjoy my content this year.

Stick around… oh and follow me on twitter already, that is if you don’t @_krox


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