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9 Jan

So I told ya’ll I started my 365 project. Mine is a random one, where I get to create mini challenges for myself and  make sure that I complete them in the best way possible, for the next 3 hundred and 60 something (I think 1) days.

So today’s post was as random as any photo could be. I’ve always wanted to do a street shot. Which I think I will do many of them this year. Especially night shots, when I’m out of school. (Watch out for that) . So I was chilling outside a store in Bungoma. There is something about this town that is just so magical to me. I love how small and bursting with life this small town is.

I did not really plan this, that is why I’m saying that it was random, but I absolutely fell in love with the shot afterwards, I decided to do some cinematic with a greenish tint to it.

Here was the result.


So any way, my prayer is that my images grow even stronger this year. That I take time to strengthen my vision and my artistic abilities. I hope to make more friends, learn more, grow more…and also maybe, do a blog post more frequently.

I suggest viewing my flickr to see more of my images and comment on them.




30 Mar

I may be moody. Why? I walked out of a Financial Accontinc C.A.T today. But that may not be a totally bad thing because I kinda passed the other cat. Any who, maybe this business course wasn’t exactly the best thing for me. Then again, It definitely was.  I’m not complaining though.

So I had an image I wanted to share. Since I have no internet at my house this week, I have been passing by the Cyber cafe just outside School, blogging, and catching up in all the online fun. I guess among the basic needs of an individual like me should be the internet. I know people have all these arguments about the internet beeing a neccesary evil that should be done away with. While that may be true, there is more than just porn on the internet. There are millions of Resources and Information. Like for me, I have been in an online School Learning Photography and Digital Art. At the same time, I am in a day school learning Business. The Combo = DEADLY !!

Without further ado,.. lemme share and image I have been wanting to. I also have a blog post to do right after this about Kamilika. You remember the project I was telling you about?.. yes , That ONE!


The Tree that Grew on a Rock

25 Jan

Is this a bad name for a post? Yes? NO?… aaah who cares!…. lol, I do.

Never mind though, it happens , I sometimes run out of Titles for posts. Sometimes I have so many of them, with no posts to match.

Any way, I have been doing a whole lot of learning. On photography and on post production. Well, I can’t quite say that I am good at what I do, but I sure do know I am a really good learner. I have been learning some post production techniques, ones which I plan to use form know on. Its funny though, some of them its actually about Numbers. I didn’t know you had to have like a certain balance of something to be able to achieve certain effects. Now I do!,.. Yay!!

Aaaaany who, this is a tree that actually grew on a Rock.

What do I like about this photo?? well, I’m still trying to figure that out


Rock Art

22 Jan

You have heard of it, seen it in History books, well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, 21st Century Rock Art.

Rock art happens to be among the earliest forms of writing and art that man ever did. The first drawing pad was against the wall, its unfortunate to think that that has evolved into Graffiti, but then again come to think of it, Graffiti is actually a very cool form of art. Solid line of thought there, that there were budding and passionate artists that just spent their time drawing on the walls. I can imagine it grew into a fad, it was the in thing, Rock artists would meet and make sure they scribble in all the Rocks that they found. Then we also got Rock art enthusiasts, the Chiefs and elderly people who purchased the forms of art. Those who Bought a Cave, as a collection since it had Art in it.

There were respected Rock Artists, those whom everyone died to emulate, an art icon, one who in the villages was known more that Da Vinci would ever be known, whom got all the girls, all the pretty ones. Of course, the girls would almost do anything to be drawn by this now artistic Lord.  The Lord of the Rock Art.

We can only imagine how it was. Any ways, I came across ROCK ART that I thought I should share. The beauty of Rock art, is that it was designed to pass a message. It was a way of Communication, a Story told, talking of Wars, Famine or even Love. This one right here is to cover the same purpose. To Communicate to tell a story, to show.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Rock Art.




New Years Sunset

4 Jan

Hellow world and everyone out there. I am so delighted to post this today. I thank God for the ability and the strength to even see this year. Well, one the first day of the year I was able to take these beautiful shots and images, I sure do hope that you will love and enjoy them. These happen to be the first sunset of 2011.

I hope the year will continue to be beautiful and offer such exhilarating and breath taking shots.





I know., I know,… I sure do hope that you have yourself a good year.

1631 AD.

3 Jan

Happy New year folks. Its been a good year (2010 that is) I mean, I have totally fallen in love with photography. Digital Photography to be precise.

I think this is one of the best fields in our century, being able to showcase art, and the ability to give forth that ‘feel good’ feeling.

I did not start this blog a long time ago, but heck, It is here to stay, I used to have a personal blog for two years, which I have not posted a thing since I started this one. I hope that this year will be one full of growth into this photography field. I have big plans this year. I plan to get my first DSLR camera. Plan to take my skills to a whole new level. I plan, pray and hope that I will be able to learn the most from my photographer friends who are waaay ahead of me in the game.

Any way, I’ll be telling you guys more, so keep it locked.

On to the next one. The blog title, 1631 AD. Why did Io decide to name it that way, well, I was kinda thinking that I should post the shots I took on Jan 1st., you know, just so as to start the year with a bit of  style 🙂

lol, its called so because It gave me a feeling of Vintage, like real African vintage. I was at my grandmas for New year, ( a family get together) and here is the 1631 AD inspired photo.

A Cloudy Affair

29 Dec

I have always loved clouds, loved how they form different shapes. Since I was a little child, I’ve always gazed at the sky and just marvelled at the clouds. I have always felt like that is where Angels dance. They dance beautifully on the clouds hence the different shapes. On a few occassions I have been able to capture really awesome clouds.

Not even once have I not taken a photo of clouds when I am out shooting. Its like an addiction. An addiction I am quite liking.

Today’s cloud is special to me, and may be my most favorite image. The best image I have ever taken on clouds (yet) . I like it mostly because it looks like a cat/dog /lion ,.. that is the most beautiful characteristic of any cloud. The ability to change into any shape.

Any way, Enjoy the image, your comments and faves will be highly appreciated.


The Sunset.

29 Dec

Hey there beautiful people,.. how have you been?? ( for some reason, I keep believing that all of you who read this blog are beautiful people. 😉 lol, that is super good of me.

Any way, I told myself this blog won’t take a break, you know, like for the holidays. I will keep on posting whenever I feel like I am supposed to. Speaking of which, you should totally forgive me. I have been very lazy in posting. I have a bunch of images with me, just not knowing when to share. So today I was with my boy Nelate , somewhere in the Hills of Bungoma waiting for the sunset. He insisted that he would love to see one from my point of view,. so I showed him around.

I feel like I have so much to say, but as you know, the most important things on this blog are the images I post,.. so with no further ado, the posts, oh, and by the way, today you get more than one post a day. I have another post coming immediately after this.




and here is Nelate. Catching the flame and basking in the Glory



basking in the Glory.



there is a story behind this, but I choose to leave it for another day.


2 Dec

I remember when I told you this blog takes a break. That was because I had to wind up with activities about School. By the way, I was a theology student at the Bungoma Bible School, It was time to graduate and I realised I was not even through with the terms assignments, and the rules were simple, If you aint done, you don’t graudate. So I took time off to finish em, and boy, was it stressful, next year when I join college I promise my self to do stuff on time. Working is important.

Speaking of working and its importance, what hits your mind is the colonial ants, okay, in a way, I think they were built like that. They are just workers by default. But they sure do work a whole lot. That is today’s inspiration, the ants. Enjoy.





and just how mean would I be If I didn’t show you the picture from my graduation?? Yes, my first graduation, and many more to come. I’m the fourth dude form the left, the only smiling one and the handsome looking one.    P.S, I do not know who took this photo. But I added the flair.

Yes, I’m Back.

1 Dec

So I told you guys the Blog will be taking a break till the 29th. Well today is the first of December. World Aids Day. ( Hint! Hint!) yeah, I know, a post should definitely come up because of that matter. But true to my words, the blog did make a comeback on the 29th. With some changes of course, I know now you have noticed that I am spoting the modularity lite theme ( the good looking template on this blog.) It was not particularly easy to go to this theme. And I have reasons. First of all, I did not want to look like I was copying or imitating how other Kenyan Design and Photography blogs look like. That is why I had the other theme on for such a long time.

I know, that now its looking rather similar to other blogs out there. That’s a good and a bad thing at the same time,… anyway, to cut the long boring story short, I did change the theme. so, you better like it, and I have tried to make it as different as possible from the others.

The others are generally unique in their own self.,… any way,.. we are back. Expect some awesome stuff as I continue learning in the fields that interest me the most. Design and Photography Baby!


Any who,.. here’s today Image. Hope you like it.

When is the last time you saw an actual cow??