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Of Gear, Vision and Photography

17 Jul


I am more convinced now more than ever, that it does not really matter the gear you use as a photographer. Vision is way more important. Vision is important for any artist out there who presents his art visually. For a long time I have heard numerous talk about which Camera is better than which one. True, most of the times the camera is better than the other, but the truth, its not the camera that determines the depth of photographs. It is the photographer. This argument is like chefs arguing about which cooking pan does the best Omelet. Well, yes, one cooking pan may be non stick, stainless steel and what not, but the truth is, the better chef makes the better food.

Now it is that point in my life where I am looking to buy my first DSLR camera. I have had a bunch of cameras in the last few years, but never owned a DSLR. I love Nikons. Why? Well, I do not really know, I just like the name more. Most of my friends have Canons, I like those cameras too. Funny thing, I have never really got to that level where I thought this camera was better than the other. In fact, as I have scouted for a DSLR to start me off, I have looked at Sony’s Pentaxes and what not, I have not only based my research on the Canons and Nikons. Been open minded.

I am convinced that a DSLR camera will be of super importance to me as I take the journey of wanting to be a photographer one day. It will through greater controls of settings. I will also be able to take better images. Why? Because I would have opened up my learning space. It will be more like getting out of the nest into the world. Into the world of photography.

I have not yet decided which one to get, but I will soon enough. Although I do not think I will be able to get a really amazing one based on the price set on those things, either way, I am getting a DSLR camera in the next few months.

The reason I am doing this post however, is not to tell the world that I am getting my first DSLR camera as a wannabe photographer. It is not to present arguments about which gear is better that which, but to present a way of thinking. An ideological personal view of the whole thing. Gear is good, Vision is better. This is David duChemin’s mantra. And I support him all the way. In his books, he talks about having the vision as a photographer. Vision is key to any artist. One has to be able to visualize what he wants and bring it out photographically, regardless of the gear.

You see, photography is an art and a craft that did not start the other year. It actually started at the beginning of the previous century. It has only been improved over the years. Some of the classical celebrated photographers did not use too great a gear, but their artistic vision shone right through the photograph. That is what (in my opinion) I think the industry should focus on. On playing the most soothing and complex (if it’s a good thing) notes, other than owning the most expensive guitar. The industry right now is saturated with the fan-boy perspective to photography. What we should focus more on is the craft.

A photographer’s desire and goal should be defining his vision. This is being certain or specific about what you want to get. Seeing the image in your head before going out to get it. After defining vision, it is important to clear vision. It is easy for one’s vision to be blurred. Having a clear vision is also key. From this, we see that a photographer should always strive to have a vision that is definite and clear. I think that with time I will talk more on that subject.

If I do turn out to be a photographer, one of my wishes is that I will be able to use the most diverse tools in the industry without creating a bias. Of course, I know that I will have a favorite, but then, I just hope that I grow into a person that values more the art and craft than the tool used, per se.

I look forward to be talking about vision. Especially in photography as  I feel that I have found a new aspect which I really respect and would like to expound more. I believe as I do more research and align my thinking to go in tune with Vision, it will develop me into an individual who’s more focused on the aesthetics, and eventually a better photographer.

“You are what you read” I hope I will read positivity.

The Krox.


Off my Head Photography techniques

24 Mar

Here are some of the off my head photography techniques I know. It may not exactly be everything, but its what I can remember in the fastest t time possible.

1. HDR (High Dynamic Range ) Photography

2. Tilt Shift Photography

3.Motion Blur photography

4.Macro Photography

5.Nocturnal Photography

6.Black and White Photography

7.Lomography- Lomo photography

8. Food photography

9. Sport Photography

10.Panoramic Photography

11.Underwater Photography

12. Light Painting photography

13. Smoke painting photography

14.Abstract photography

15. High Speed photography

16. Infrared Photography

17. Vintage Photography

18. Portrait photography


And the list goes on,.. but that is the most my brain could come up with in the fastest time possible without Google reference.

Mid- End march update

24 Mar

I don’t believe I am re writing this post, 24 hours later. Yesterday i did this post, and boy, was it LONG!!, but when I hit publish, WordPress gave me this HUGE WOOPS!!!, and guess what my freakishly long post was gone like that. I was really bored, got off WordPress and got concerned with other stuff. But now, I’m on new inspiration, inspiration triggered by Chocolate and Fruit Salad.

On to my yesterday post, or is it my today’s,..on to the post (that makes so much more sense)

I have been kinda busy and held up. Yeah, I can blame school for that. I remember a time when I told myself that I will never allow school to come between me and my blogging. I also remember the day I told my dentist I will never eat Candy and whole other sweets. But I guess that is life, right? So school did kinda,… sorta, in a way get between me and my blogging and photography and all, and it may get worse, there are all this things to be done, assignments, lectures, and yes, most importantly, a social life (Its college, remember???) I’m sorry for that, but I plan to change, to change for the better.

I have a plans under my sleeve, plans of making this blog really reader friendly, I was thinking of daily posts, or assignments, or themed kind of projects that are either weekly or monthly just to keep this blog going. Blogging is kind of fun, I’ve got to admit, especially when people read your blog and leave their genius of not so genius comments below, when people give you links to their blogs and  all. It’s really worthwhile. But anyway, the plans may end up to be just that, plans, but who knows, it may develop into something really really awesome.

This year is a big year for me, Seriously speaking. ( seriously speaking??? wth??.. lemme go back and correct that) . This year is a big year for me, Seriously. I am expecting my first DSLR camera mid this year. Heaven knows just how much I am praying and believeng that I will acquire it ( pauses and says a prayer) …. If at all I am able to acquire this camera, it will give me the ability and means to try out so many things. It will give me the chance of learning more about photography. I have been doing a lot of learning this few months that I have been into this photography thing. Those who have been keen on this blog know that I have been really keen on a lot of photography techniques and basically, got to learn a lot at it too.

But you see, a  point and shoot camera will not get me that far. It is just too limited, there are things that I am dying (Literally,….okay, fine,.. Metaphorically) to learn. Working with Depth of Field, Bokeh, effect, techniques like Motion Blur, macro, TiltShift, real HDR ( not the photoshopped ones like the one’s Ive been posting on my blog) … The list is endless, there are over a million things I’m thinking I will be able to learn, escpesially the technicalites. It is possible to learn about composition, lighting, post processing and other stuff using a normal point and shoot digital camera. that is what I have been doing and plan to keep doing.

But before that happens, what will I be doing? well, for one, I’m a total sucker for Digital Art, so I plan to keep working on that. I plan to keep “Uping” my game as far as digital art is involved. Learn more about lighting. Create a home made studio with Home made Lighting kit. Baically try and improve my skills as I learn.

If you didn’t know, I would so much Love to be a PHOTOGRAPHER one day. So badly .

Another thing,I am working on this clothline thing which is called kamilika. It is a christian based Clothline . I hope it will break forth. there is so much I wanna share about Kamilika but I guess I will do,..

will share more some other time.

Making the World a happier Place

7 Feb

We should all strive to make the world a happier place. Yes we should. That is what I am shooting for this week. To make my world, and anyone else’s  a happier place for that matter. In the same breath I am doing at least three posts a day this week. Photography posts. Well, maybe with captions,Stories or poetry.

Another thing, I am dropping a wallpaper pack every day this week. I am not saying that I will be doing that every day, but at least this week I feel kinda agitated to put some of the images I have ever shot on your desktop, ipad,or any other tablet, or on your mobile device. Feel free to download, share and do anything within acceptable means with this packs.


Have a jolly good week. Lets make the world a better place.

Rock Art

22 Jan

You have heard of it, seen it in History books, well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, 21st Century Rock Art.

Rock art happens to be among the earliest forms of writing and art that man ever did. The first drawing pad was against the wall, its unfortunate to think that that has evolved into Graffiti, but then again come to think of it, Graffiti is actually a very cool form of art. Solid line of thought there, that there were budding and passionate artists that just spent their time drawing on the walls. I can imagine it grew into a fad, it was the in thing, Rock artists would meet and make sure they scribble in all the Rocks that they found. Then we also got Rock art enthusiasts, the Chiefs and elderly people who purchased the forms of art. Those who Bought a Cave, as a collection since it had Art in it.

There were respected Rock Artists, those whom everyone died to emulate, an art icon, one who in the villages was known more that Da Vinci would ever be known, whom got all the girls, all the pretty ones. Of course, the girls would almost do anything to be drawn by this now artistic Lord.  The Lord of the Rock Art.

We can only imagine how it was. Any ways, I came across ROCK ART that I thought I should share. The beauty of Rock art, is that it was designed to pass a message. It was a way of Communication, a Story told, talking of Wars, Famine or even Love. This one right here is to cover the same purpose. To Communicate to tell a story, to show.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Rock Art.





19 Nov

Due to a number of activities that will be taking up so much of my time, and the fact that I am a bout to graduate, and have not really filled the semester material’s, this blog will be taking a short break, to resume in full force on the 29th of this month.
Please bear with the circumstances and understand.

I’m a good friend, at least I let you guys know that there will be nothing new until the 29th. But when that time comes, expect a new looking blog, with new materials and resources that are inclined to the general interests of this blog.

Resources on photography and design, presets, PSD files, actions, just to mention a few. There will also be photography reviews and of course, the Bungoma Photography project will continue.
You need to anticipate for this one, tis going to be like something you have not seen in a long while.

Yours trully, ME. ( the admin of this blog)

Nancy weds Dan

10 Nov

On Saturday, the wedding day, I posted a teaser about what was soon to come on this blog. HERE to review.

I told you how just by accident, these friends of mine wanted me to shoot in their wedding. I was kinda skeptical at first, but , BOY!! was the shoot amazing.

I will not hold on to these much longer, And this is me sharing them. Do enjoy. I did.

make sure to be back for more. Bungoma is beautiful isn’t it??

Bungoma Photography set #1

26 Oct

Its finally here. The first post on Bungoma being photographed. I hope  You will like it.  🙂

I may take it upon myself to add some descriptions on certain images where I see fit. But in the same spirit of Western Kenya being photographed, Here are the first samples of the shoots, And what is going to be an amazing tour throughout This series.

1) The Vintage Rail

2) Old Bungoma slab.

3) Old Phone Post

I guess this is the reason passenger trains stopped going/coming to Bungoma. No communication. 🙂 Kidding though…

4) Watoto.

5) Awesome Wonder