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16 Nov

I have been thinking whether I should post this or not. Why?? Because I am thinking of changing my template to something like the Modularity lite theme. Why? because it offers larger images and I can really have fun sharing images and other design related stuff.

The same reason I did not make a post yesterday. But I will do that soon, maybe today,.. Bungoma Photography set #3 coming up. Yaaay!!

Its officially becoming an obsession and a course I wanna fulfill.

……So, here’s today’s post.

It’s design photo manipulation.  there is alot behind it really, very personal form of expression I must say, I am getting my ground in freedom. Freedom to make my own choices, make my money, use it as I will, choose on what to believe in ( if you are 19 you find it really cool)

But the biggest freedom I have found so far should be the freedom I have found in Christianity. I am a Christian, and unashamed,….

Here it is though.,..(DRUM ROLLS)


image source: verde serde –  Deviant art


Nancy Weds Dan- the Teaser

8 Nov

Something so amazing happened to me over the weekend. A friend of mine,..no, actually, friends of mine, were getting married. Here in the beautiful country side of Bungoma. I am and was really happy for them.

So as we were talking about their big day, I kinda asked who would be taking photos n their wedding, well, it turned out, they did not have someone in mind. It is one of those things that they were looking forward to but they, 1) did not have someone good enough in mind and 2) It was a little bit hard on their pockets at that time to get a high end pro photographer.

Dan is a keyboardist (pianist) at church, and also the leader at our youth group choir. ( Yeah, I’m involved!!) So,.. normally, they asked if I could do them the favor of shooting in their wedding.

What they did not know is that, actually, it was them doing me a favor. Giving me an opportunity to try out what I have learnt and waht I know,.. without spoiling their wedding, and boy!! did I do a good job!!

Here’s a teaser to what is to come on their wedding.

As always,.. ENJOY! 🙂 and do not forget to comment, critique and correct.

Coming up this week is the wedding shoot. Wait for it. It’s really beautiful.