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Dazzling Radiance

17 Mar

When you have cold a chilly mornings, that is when you realize that a sunrise is a beautiful thing. The Rain season started not long ago, and today is the second day I did not experience a sunrise. But to cover it up, I have some beautiful sunrise photos I took back in Malindi.  I hope it does brighten your morning. Giving you the Dazzling Radiance of the Sunrise ( or just the sun in general)


New Years Sunset

4 Jan

Hellow world and everyone out there. I am so delighted to post this today. I thank God for the ability and the strength to even see this year. Well, one the first day of the year I was able to take these beautiful shots and images, I sure do hope that you will love and enjoy them. These happen to be the first sunset of 2011.

I hope the year will continue to be beautiful and offer such exhilarating and breath taking shots.





I know., I know,… I sure do hope that you have yourself a good year.

1631 AD.

3 Jan

Happy New year folks. Its been a good year (2010 that is) I mean, I have totally fallen in love with photography. Digital Photography to be precise.

I think this is one of the best fields in our century, being able to showcase art, and the ability to give forth that ‘feel good’ feeling.

I did not start this blog a long time ago, but heck, It is here to stay, I used to have a personal blog for two years, which I have not posted a thing since I started this one. I hope that this year will be one full of growth into this photography field. I have big plans this year. I plan to get my first DSLR camera. Plan to take my skills to a whole new level. I plan, pray and hope that I will be able to learn the most from my photographer friends who are waaay ahead of me in the game.

Any way, I’ll be telling you guys more, so keep it locked.

On to the next one. The blog title, 1631 AD. Why did Io decide to name it that way, well, I was kinda thinking that I should post the shots I took on Jan 1st., you know, just so as to start the year with a bit of  style 🙂

lol, its called so because It gave me a feeling of Vintage, like real African vintage. I was at my grandmas for New year, ( a family get together) and here is the 1631 AD inspired photo.