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9 Jan

So I told ya’ll I started my 365 project. Mine is a random one, where I get to create mini challenges for myself and  make sure that I complete them in the best way possible, for the next 3 hundred and 60 something (I think 1) days.

So today’s post was as random as any photo could be. I’ve always wanted to do a street shot. Which I think I will do many of them this year. Especially night shots, when I’m out of school. (Watch out for that) . So I was chilling outside a store in Bungoma. There is something about this town that is just so magical to me. I love how small and bursting with life this small town is.

I did not really plan this, that is why I’m saying that it was random, but I absolutely fell in love with the shot afterwards, I decided to do some cinematic with a greenish tint to it.

Here was the result.


So any way, my prayer is that my images grow even stronger this year. That I take time to strengthen my vision and my artistic abilities. I hope to make more friends, learn more, grow more…and also maybe, do a blog post more frequently.

I suggest viewing my flickr to see more of my images and comment on them.



Cinematic and Panorama

28 Mar

Good people, hope all of you are good. I am too.  A lot has happened the last few days. For one, I got my hands on Adobe Creative Suite 5 !!! yes ! Finally, Its been a long time of wait but I finally got it. I just felt like I wanted to use CS5. you see, I have never really used it, I started using photoshop 7 ages ago, when I was still growing up, it was my Dad’s , then I got CS2 then CS3 and I have been using it ever since. I never upgraded to Creative Suite 5 or anything. So you kinda know how cool it feels to be able to do so! Naww mean??

Any who, for a long time I have had the craving to process my photos and give them a Cinematic effect. I’m still learning to do that. When I got my hands on CS5 yesterday, I thought, what better thing to do than to try out the Cinematic effect. I kinda pulled it off. But there is too much to learn. Trick to learn this is to watch alot of movies. And i mean a lot of movies.

here are the Cinematic ones I did


and another one




And now to Panorama. For a second I thought I will never like Panorama,… but I do, will be doing a lot more often, especially since I love landscapes,.. here are few I’ll share few for now



and another thing good people, I’m scouting for a creative water mark for my photos,.. suggestions