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3 Sep

So its been a year since I decided to start this blog specifically for photography and creativity related stuff. True, it has gone through major changes and I have taken time really discovering myself and what I really love and would like to pursue. I was looking through and at some of the images that I have shot over the year. Actually. almost all the images I have posted here I shot last year. Yeup, I have almost shot zero photos that I have uploaded to this blog.

As a year elapses, I am just about to acquire my first DSLR camera, and I gotta say, things done changed. I have not uploaded any photo that I shot this year, since most of them have been going into my photography sketchbook. Where I have learnt many things, including post processing and even lighting. As  I acquire my first DSLR, I hope to give this new year a run for its creativity. I hope. man, lets pray.

Anywho, as a year elapses, this are some of the photos I shot and I liked. I would probably do it all differently if I had the chance, but I thank God that I had a place to start from and this was it.









These should be like the 5 images that I have liked so much over the one year that has passed. I know that I may be able to do so much better now than then, but dont everyone got a place to start. Plus, I shot these using the Sony DSC-HX1 that my Dad owns . I was really limited into what I could do with the photos, plus, I had almost zero lessons in composition and all that other photography related stuff.

WEll, I think I can only say that this is the beginning of newer stuff, strengthening the passion, learning more, and be keen on the road to awesomeness. Oh and by the way, I am not ashamed of my first photos ( those I shared with the world that is.

Heavenly Wall paper Pack

8 Feb

The #2 Wallpaper this week. I know, I was supposed to make these posts earlier on,but School!!! man, School. I had classes from 8 in the morning,. so,….


the Wallpaper Pack.


choose your resolution down here

1440 X 900 1600X1280 1920 X 1200 1900 X1440 ipad phone


Feel Free to Download and Share the Love while its Still Available.

These images are free for usage, but if you happen to use them, please let me know. Do not forget to acknowledge John Ochuro if you happen to use it wherever. Enjoy.


Sunrise in High Dynamic Range

15 Jan

Last month, My family went over to Malindi for the Holidays. And boy was it fun!! Every aspect of it. I have documented photos and videos.. hint hint!! Any way, here is a beautiful (in my opinion) shot of the sunrise at Malindi. Its in HDR, (High Dynamic Range) This is a style that I have not quite mastered, Please, if you are a pro, please give directions here, you know, comment, correct, critique.

I want this blog to go back to what it was initially, an online playground where I get to learn and if possible, teach a thing or two


here it is, yet again,.. enjoy


I Dream of Fire.

31 Dec

For some reason, this feels like a title to a poem,So I’ll give a poem a shot.


I dream of fire

the flickery flames that dance to a tune

dazzling light that burns and consumes

Deep golden,lilac blue or green

colors that carry emotion from within

I dream of fire.


I dream of fire

but not the one that burns when you touch

of that brings light to the dark

but that which eases the pain

and cools the heated atmosphere

I dream of fire.

I dream of fire

fire that cannot be quenched

fire that cannot easily be started

a fire that is based on emotion

sparked by inspiration,

hate or affection

Fire that is personal

and cannot be shared.

A fiery identity.

I dream of fire.



lol,.. how did that Go??. Don’t judge, I did that poem under 10 minutes. I had not even planned on doing it. ( And these are not just excuses!) 🙂

But you do have a good day/ Expect a few more posts from me as we end the Year. Happy New Year


14 Oct


I almost do not believe that I pulled this out. Simply out of pure curiosity of just what exactly HDR is, and how do photographers simulate this.

We all know the meaning of learning. I think majorly because most of our lives and stuff we go through require a lot of learning. Graphy. The dictionary describes graphy as :a combining form denoting a process or form of drawing, writing, representing, recording, describing,.or and art or science concerned with such a process.

That is why I chose to name this increadibly amazing post, according to me, as Learning-o-graphy. In the past fwe weeks and days I have learnt quite alot that I have put into practice. I have given a shot to learning some of the best techniques High end prpffesional photographers do. So, today my Youth group went out for a THursday sports outing. We would not have gone due to the rains, but htey soon subsided and off we went. As we were in the field, I took my time clicking away. Capturing both people and nature. I came up with some of my favourite works yet. Both shots at the cloud after the rain, on the opposite side of the sunset.

Another reason why I call this post Learning-o-graphy, should be also due to the fact that I have actually posted two blog posts in a single day. Now, that is something.!!