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Photo of the Day- Ocean Cows

8 Feb

I was going to give you that, ‘this photo shall be delivered without words ‘ but,.. Hey, I think I wanna say something, I mean, its my blog right>???

It was in the evening, the sun was setting, then I see these Cows, with their herdsmen. I used to think, well, basically from my Social Studies class, that people who lived by the ocean were solely fishermen, boy,was I in for a surprise. Then again I thought, If Animals can communicate, can you imagine the type of stories these Cows hear??? It is like living in a different world all together, and they are the aliens.


While you ponder about this, The photo shall be delivered without more words.


Yes, I’m Back.

1 Dec

So I told you guys the Blog will be taking a break till the 29th. Well today is the first of December. World Aids Day. ( Hint! Hint!) yeah, I know, a post should definitely come up because of that matter. But true to my words, the blog did make a comeback on the 29th. With some changes of course, I know now you have noticed that I am spoting the modularity lite theme ( the good looking template on this blog.) It was not particularly easy to go to this theme. And I have reasons. First of all, I did not want to look like I was copying or imitating how other Kenyan Design and Photography blogs look like. That is why I had the other theme on for such a long time.

I know, that now its looking rather similar to other blogs out there. That’s a good and a bad thing at the same time,… anyway, to cut the long boring story short, I did change the theme. so, you better like it, and I have tried to make it as different as possible from the others.

The others are generally unique in their own self.,… any way,.. we are back. Expect some awesome stuff as I continue learning in the fields that interest me the most. Design and Photography Baby!


Any who,.. here’s today Image. Hope you like it.

When is the last time you saw an actual cow??