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14 Nov

In the last blog update i had posted about my previous under goings and just exactly why I went silent on the blog thing for a little while. As I sit here, I am evaluating what type of lessons I most probably may have got from that whole experience. What may I have adopted into my system because of what happened to me?

1.Shit Stuff happens.

This is life, and when we play life, it gets unpredictable. You may have all these plans, visions and dreams that do not necessarily happen as planned. Nature and ‘fate’ sometimes takes its course and things do not go exactly as you had envisioned them. I guess that is why they came up with Murphy’s law. But isn’t that the joy of everything, knowing that everything will be just as unpredictable?

As much as that happens. It should never put us down. The fact that the pursuit of happiness does not exactly bring happiness may be the key point in focus here. Rather, it is the happiness of pursuit that makes us happy. Pursuing your dreams and your passions and plans gives more joy in the process itself rather than achieving the subject in pursuit. So here’s my two cents, Life will always throw stuff at you, make the best, enjoy the process, do not forget who you really are.

2. Make the Most of every situation.

My older cousin, who is just more like a sister to me, @soul_fool once told me, when Life gives you lemons, don’t just make lemonade alone, go ahead and make lemon cake, lemon soda, and just particularly anything that can be made using lemons. Life giving you lemons is like that moment where you are handed something that is not favorable according to you. it is something that may hurt you in a way. the lesson here however, is to use those moments you deem unfavorable to the best of your ability.

When I lost my money, just as I was to get my first DSLR, it really broke my heart. I had planned it out and I was to get it at around August- October. Needless to say, I already had photographic projects all lined out for me in my sketch book. I was gonna take my learning to a whole new level. When ‘the worst’ happened, I was devastated. But how was I going to make such a moment in my life fruity and sweet,( you know the kind of  stress that is money related). But what I decided to do, is to get my creativity on. As much as I wasn’t going to get my camera, I was going to do something major with myself, so, i went ahead and re-awakened this Media Company that I had called Coillusion. I did the logo and the other tiny details and specs in hand.

Here’s the Logo.


3. Bounce back Always.

As is life, one needs to develop a high sense of bouncing back as soon as possible whenever anything happens. For that is to whom the race will be won. The faster you adopt the better. I already adopted to my situation and whatever happened to me and I can say that I am only looking forward to better things more awesome thingss.


More lessons later.

*Magazine update

While through the process, The Krox was going to drop, and I promise you it will, but unfortunately, only one issue of it would. As time went by, through the process, I asked myself, why should I make something that is just about me?, I am going to make something bigger than me. Not The Krox anymore, something bigger.

I will do a complete post on that maybe tonite.



the krox.


The Spirit of Christmas [3]

19 Dec

Hey good people its the third,.. the Spirit of Christmas, ( showcasing the Christmas mood ….. going strong) I love the progress.

To be completely honest, I almost did not have a plan for todays post, I was probably going to come up with an excuse for not blogging today. (Okay, not really) I was really going to blog, especially now that I have started getting some readership on this blog. You guys do not know how happy that makes me. So if you are reading this right now, just know that you are one big source of joy to me, and an inspiration for me to keep doing what I do,.. ( okay, I know this is cliche`, I actuallyread it somewhere else), but truth be told, I feel so good when you guys check out this blog.

So on to today’s post.

Today I focus on family time. I believe that family is a very important aspect in everyones life. It adds the joy and the spices that make us jovial every day. Today, my family were playing along the beach. God actually gave us an opportunity to be able to go to the coast for a family vacation. It is somewhere along the North coast, few KMs form Malindi, actually a coastal country side ( if there exists such a thing.) There is so much free space and very few people. It is the true definition of a get away!!

Some Fishermen sold us some Octopuses, which my mom insisted on cooking,.. the mare fact that I was against eating Octopus cooked by my mom whom according to me is a sea food illitrate individual (okay, pun intended), gave me reason to do this post.

I may or may not eat this Octopus today, but being involved in cooking, googling recipes (lol, I’m tech savvy like that) , and in all ways trying to make the Octopus edible made our family bond more. All in the Spirit of Christmas.

So I know its important, thats why I feel you should definitely involve your family in Christmas events this season.

Do have a good Christmas time. Enjoy every bit of it.




Oh yeah, and please you can email this image to your friends as Christmas greeting Cards, upload them on facebook and tag your friends, twitpic at your favorite tweeps. Use it in any non-commercial but Season friendly (Christmas) way.


The Spirit of Christmas [2]

18 Dec

Hey good people, whats really good? I hope you guys are having one heaven of a weekend. Its saturday the 18 th it blesses my Heart that  next Saturday will be Christmas. That will be my 19th Christmas here on earth, and probably one that may turn out to be the best one for me yet. So, yeah, I’m really excited. REally excited.

I promised to shoot a post every day on Christmas, so help me God, Iwant to be able to stick to that. Here I go. Todays post is on Kenyannes. People I would like to wish all my Kenyan folk a happy Christmas that you may have a happy one.Being Kenyan is a very beautiful thing and I know that Christmas brings us together,..

I wanna keep writing, but, I am blogging from a holiday destination, my family are bugging me, they wanna watch a movie from my Computer,…. so I gotta go,. But I wanna share a beautiful image I cam across today,.. I should have only posted the link but it was so beautiful I thought it would add life to this Christmas series


it is so beautiful right??…. here’s the source and the credits

Models: Erica Crean
Hair and Makeup Artist: Catherine Molina



Deviantart : rednersalonga

Visit his Deviant art page here

And here is today’s image,…. feel  free to download it and share with your friends,. you can e-mail it to your friends as a Christmas greeting card, post it on facebook and tag your friends,.. but please make sure to link it back to me,. I would really appreciate if you did that,… then again, Merry Christmas


The Spirit of Christmas.

17 Dec

The Spirit of Christmas. Well,  Christmas is a beautiful thing, it is. It is one of those moments that spark a lot of emotion in us. Personally, I got in the mood just as December finally got here. I have been involved in trillions of Christmas activities both in my church and around my home town,. Trying to bring out the joy that is associated to Christmas. So what I decided to do, now that there is no snow in Kenya, and well,. Trying to showcase the Christmas mood photographically speaking is kinda hard,.. so I decided to do doodles whenever I get time, these doodles usually take less than 15 minutes. So be prepared for more of these stuff, as it is exactly a week before Christmas.


Here we go,.. I plan to  always post something everyday till Christmas day. Keep checking for more stuff.






stay tuned,.. this week is going to be amazing,…. lemme take this early opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas. ( the Happy New year one is coming soon!!)


15 Oct

So I finally got to do an Album Cover. I have done many miscellenious projects for people, but not exactly one that can be checked out by the Whole world. Done Business Cards, Web page layouts, very many personal projects, but never an Album Cover for someone.

And so my boy Shukid called me up and wanted  me to do him the Album Cover to his album/mixtape/compilation of songs/all the above (read aside)/ none of the above (still, read, aside).

In all honesty, it is such an honor to do him his Debut Album cover. I totally feel him, and in all honesty, I think he is the B

est Rap artiste in East Africa. Yep I said that, you are now probably raising your eyebrows wondering if I’m for real or not. This is where you are to visit his Reverbnation account and prove for yourself. Please Note, that he does not do Gospel Music, but Beautiful music, Poetry in Rap. Nuff said, find out the rest for yourself.

Since this is not exactly a random blog, but my design blog, I will spare you the boring details/


He wanted me to an album cover to the Album “Thy Kingdom come” Please note that I was miles away, at my home in Bungoma, while he was in Nairobi. Never told me what he wanted, no nothing, just an album cover.  So

like any other artist, you can imagine how much stress that can give you. Lucky for me, I’ve known him for Years now, so I kinda got the picture of what I wanted to do when he told me so.

After bumming I got right into the project, simulated a  number of album covers, first o

n paper,. which is just a rough sketch, and then to the tools that I use,. Illus

trator, and Photoshop, and at times some Fireworks.

This is how I did the projects, in order of time. as always lemme know what you think. Check out Shukid also. (that would be cool!!)


13 Oct

What you have just seen is an experiment I was doing the other night. What I tried was to simulate an image form a photo I got somewhere  on the internet. It may not be all that, but it truly is a step forward into what I am learning. As I had previously told you,. this is my online playground, where I want to try out something and get your views on it.



“I keep his word in me, so I’m shinning all the time”– Flame

I am a young Christian,. just growing up. There are a  few things that I have developed an interest and passion over time. One of these things happens to be Christianity. Well,.I seriously look forward to improving myself in this sector. (Apart from design)

I wanted to create am image where it would be evident that His word (I’m referring to God here,) Should be seen shinning on me, Thus the  glowing cross vector.

I really hope to grow more in this sector and do even more beautiful posts, designs and wallpapers, for a passion I have and also for what I believe in.

Oh yeah, and here is the pic I tried so simulate.

please comment, critique and correct.

Hello world!

17 Sep

Ready, Set, GO!!

I welcome you to my blog. Its a design blog, creatively oriented. This is more like my digital playground where I get to experiment with different aspects that I find fulfilling such as design and photography.  My request is that you take a look at my work, and whatever I will be posting soon and comment a critique on it. I am young and I want to grown especially in this area of interest. So if you find something you can throw in you knowledge feel free to do so. I will be so happy if you did so.