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Diary of a Photography enthusiast : The magazine first update

13 Sep

So I just had to post this up and let you know that I did take it seriously and I am going ahead with it. The magazine is in production and its coming through quite smoothly. Well, I did refine the ideas. And I still want to be able to do it weekly. Working in indesign has not been easy. As a matter of fact, I scratched off the indesign idea for now. I am working between photoshop, illustrator and other applications. I have the indesign tutorials though, I feel like if I concentrate on them, I will not be ab

le to move on with this project.

One of the main reasons why I am doing this is to challenge myself. So the trick is to remain productive and to try all possible ways to pull off what I have in mind, regardless of how hard it may seem. That is why I have a feeling that, probably these first issues won’t be as awesome, but as time goes by, the awesomeness level shall surely be reached at. That is the purpose of prac

tice anyway. So just what exactly do I feel this challenge will give me?

For one, the ability to work easily and smoothly yet achieving creativity in graphics and related fields. Such as photography. I also feel that, writing for my own magazine will increase my knowledge, through research and study and in the field of photography. And clearly as you can see, these are good qualities. One reason why I would like to expound my knowledge in digital art probably is because I am thinking of making it my side hustle. Trust me, a brother’s got to eat. And well, in future you never know wh

at it may grow to be. *pause* .  Another reason why I challenge myself daily is the hope that one day I will grow and be like my favorite artists and photographers. You all agree that even pros were once armatures right? Yeah, so I’m unashamed of that. Plus, seing growth is a really awesome thing. You know, few years later I look  back and I say to myself, this is where it all began, look at me now. Although I am not exactly beginning, the reference is the same.

And yeah, Gary’s book “Crush It” has had a lot to do with my current inspiration. I do not want  to live the rest of my life doing things I totally feel I do not like just because it brings in some cash at the end of the day. I want to be able to live my dream. But the funny part is that, my greatest dream is also my greatest fear. And the fear  is failure. I decided to get over this whole fear thing and just do it. Regardless of how much I fail. What exactly is my dream? My dream is to be a creative genius. Yeah I know, sounds vague and pathetic. But I want to be identified as a creative person, using what I was granted to by God when I was born. Not just some photographer or, illustrator, or film maker or even just some digital artist. No. My dream is bigger than that. My dream encompasses changing perspectives, and leaving a mark on people’s lives, and that can only be achieved by giving whatever I am doing 300% ( my dad told me this one, I hope to tell my son one day)

Okay, I know, this journal entry has taken a totally different direction, as I was saying, the magazine was supposed to come out starting the first week of October. Yesterday I was sorta unsure if it is even


possible to pull something like that off, but I do figure that it is the ‘giving it your all that counts. So I’ll keep trying to achieve that target. Even though it may not entirely happen, I promise that the first issue , which is just like 10 pages will be ready the set date and time (I’ll reveal that soon).

The magazine, fortunately,or unfortunately, will focus on photography and related creativ

e fields. That means, anything creative that goes hand in hand with photography. I have randomly day dreamed (dremt??) of where this magazine may go, what it may turn out to be, if it will actually be a magazine. I am thinking 100% digital. I finally found out ways to embed videos and audio files into pdfs , thinking ipad, thinking iBooks. Generally I’m just thinking big. And as  much as it may seem as a pipe dream currently, it may come to pass. Lets pray on that.

Aaany way, I finally started doing a collection of African photographers and digital artists. To say the

least, there is too much talent out there. I cant even comprehend it. It is way too much. Will do a post on it later on, now I gotta rush to school.

And here, is something that has really wowed me, from a Nigerian artist,


Diary of A Photography Enthusiast

3 Sep

Its been a crazy two weeks, gotta say. but I have loved each and every moment of it. We took a short break from school after the semester came to a close. Then I was involved in tons of projects, and none of them involved photography or creativity. But  its a good thing, because they involved things like character building and mentor-ship.  I was involved with this youth group that had professional counselors who taught on many issues. It really was fun.

In the mean time, I still kept the creative/creativity vibe going on. I was all over, consuming what I could, always, getting inspiration from almost anywhere I could, videos, blogs, music videos, pictures, people and almost just about any other source. i have gotta say though, there’s loads of creative talent out there. I was thinking though, if we could have like a creativity/arts African oriented magazine or blog, or something.  I mean, there is loads of talent out there which i really feel is awesome and should be shown to the rest of the world. Well, had we such a thing it would have been way easier for people to gain African inspiration. Such is limited online and one may spend hours on end trying to chase after something like that.

I also finished reading Crush it by Gary Vaynerchuk. Powerful book. You know what, I think anyone who wants to be able to create a solid presence online and eventually cash in on it should read this book. Well, that is why I am so psyched about this whole blogging thing. As a matter of fact, I am laying ground for The Krox website and a Magazine. This blog is what happens before  the official Krox blog comes to life. It may be one of the epic-est things to happen to my life.

Well, I gotta say that currently what is consuming me is the Magazine idea. I really wanna go ahead with it. I’m not even stopping to weigh the options, I’m just goin to go ahead and do it.

Diary Of a Photography Enthusiast. : Point Pleasant.

2 Aug

I did this post last week, and it might as well just be relevant for this week. so I thought, hey, why not post it, I mean, its my last weeks diary entry. The weekly diary post I usually do.

It is yet another week. And honestly, I did not think I would blog this week. I had exams in school piled up like crazy. As a matter of fact, this may be the first week in my life that I went offline for 4 days. No internet, no cell, just me. Have to say it really gave me time to prep for my school work and occasionally get lost in thought.

As always, I thought about photography over the week, a whole lot of it. The getting my first DSLR subject is really consuming me up. But then again, there’s the financial constraints thing on the budget that I have to work on. Apparently I had not saved too much for an expensive camera. But that one makes sense. But I got occasionally lost in thought of what I could be able to do with such. I’m totally amature and I want to pursue photography at the moment purposely as a Hobby, then probably make it a professional hobby. I have a rough sketch on my mind where I think I may be going. But that is as it is, guess we have to wait to see where it goes.

I have also been organizing minor personal projects. I have been doing some digital art stuff tutorials. Post processing techniques. This may be illegal, but been getting those photographers who do Before and After photos on their blogs and trying to post processing like them. For me, its learning. I ‘ll never use their work anywhere else. Now since that is other people’s work, I will not post any of that on this blog or anywhere else. But you can make a guess, if you know an amazing photographer who posts before and after on his blog, I ‘m trying to copy his post processing style. Though its tough, but hey,… A brother’s gotta try.

On the same post processing vibe, there’s this really awesome dude, who does post processing. His name is Thomas Egan. He inspires me too much and it’s only fair that I say here that I have tried for some weeks now to recreate a post processing technique he did, but all I hit were dead ends. I will learn this one time. I suggest that you check him out. He’s a designer, not a photographer. He post processes already available images… you know what, just check him out. You will be seriously impressed and wowed.






Here’s a before and after,…



I also did a post for the blog that I haven’t posted up yet. It was about David duChemin’s new book, Photographically speaking. In my opinion this is a powerful book that I have not read yet. Those who know me, know I’m a huge David Student. I support his notion of Vision being the most important artistic asset compared to Gear. This new book talks about photographers getting able to speak about their photos. Being able to put what they see in words. Being able to talk about vision makes an artist more in a position to recreate, and create, and interpret. In a nut shell, I think that is what the book is about. Hoping to get it this weekend. If I do, will surely do a post on it.

Apart from all that, definitely I have kept myself inspired.  I will do a post. Actually the next two posts on my inspirations. Those that I have kept for the longest time. I also added some concepts to my big book of concepts. These are photographic concepts I create from imagination, along with composition, angles and all, that I hope to achieve one day. Actually, sooner rather than later. The images span, from fashion to surreal. Just things I like.

Diary of a Photography enthusiast :Staying Inspired

15 Jul

Among the things that I always do is to try my best to stay inspired, regardless of where I am or what I am doing. The past week, since the last diary post, I have been trying to stay inspired, and yes I should say, I have been inspired. I get inspired by a lot of stuff from digital art, movies, posters, etc, infact, today I got inspired by these really cool tech themed flyers in the bank. Good work was done there. I liked.

Any who, last Friday,  I attended half way a creative[dot]com class. A photographer friend of mine Raggs (@ragskanyi) from Texas gave me a heads up on twitter. They were having a class with Gale Tettersall. The director of photography for the series House MD. He has many recognizable stuff under his belt. Like he did the pilot to CSI. He also shot the season finale of House MD exclusively on a Canon 5D Mark II. It was really awesome listening to him talk and give photographic tips in regard of how he does his work. He was there with his technical assistant who actually did all the demonstration. But listening to Gale was really inspirational. I am a big fan of HDDSLR. It is really awesome that a DSLR camera can shoot just like an expensive camera. I loved it.

Speaking of HDDSLR I always check Robert Balasko’s work. According to me, this is like among the really creative video guys who do videos for commercially for clients. Most of my other favorites work on huge projects like movies. Any way, Robert Balasko shoots on HDDSLR cameras. I think he also shoots majorly on the Canon 5D Mark II. But also uses a bunch of other HD cameras. This guy is totally insane on the Angles he shoots. He’s work is truly phenomenal. I think one is a photographer first, then a videographer second, and this guy is a crazy photographer. He knows his F-stops and all.


Gale Tetersall with a canon 5D Mark II. HDDSLR. below, Robert Balasko and his Vimeo Channel

Now, where was I before I got derailed? Oh yes, Robert Balasko. I draw a lot of inspiration from him, and immediately after the Creative[dot]com  class, I was in his Vimeo channel, consuming with huge delight. Staying inspired. I may do a review, photographically of a trailer of his after this blog post. I request that you check out his work.

Before that I was getting inspired by the Work of Jonathan Thomas,  a scot photographer whose landscapes on Scotland are out of this world. I love Landscapes. Actually I think, I like nature photography more than shooting people. I watch landscapes a whole lot, learning on composition and lighting (the two aspects I consider really major). Then I was viewing black and white gallery of some guy on Deviant Art from Indonesia called Henki24. I really do not know his name yet. I intend to do so today probably . For some crazy inspiration, I suggest that you check them out too.


What else did I do? Oh yeah, I watched a bunch of Short films on Youtube. Man some young people out there are really super creative with what they do. I watch a huge amount of Camera reviews. This week I did The Pentax K-r and my new official dream camera the Leica M-9. It’s a crazy beautiful baby. And Ken Rockwell describes it that the World’s best Camera. Well there may be a huge debate on that but bottom line, that baby ROCKS!! Yeah, I said it. I also did a review on a bunch of lenses. That left me feeling empty from within because well,… lets just drop that shall we?.

This baby is a beast... but all the same, I really do not think that it takes a powerful camera to shoot a powerful photo. A good photographer can make a good photo with any camera. Just a good cook can use any cooking pan to get good tasty food.

But then, that isn’t it, I also got inspired by these digital art stuff from different artists all over the world. Can we just conclude that Art is the greatest form of communication out there? I envy some people on the creative level they are and the Photoshop skill they’ve got. Honestly, that type of knowhow is to die for. I am working to improve mine. Speaking of Photoshop, I also bumped into a digital artist/photographer whom I just adore her work. I saw her work many months ago, maybe last year on deviant art, then the other week, I bumped into a tweet from two photographers about some Michelle Monique and I was really interested. Normally I jack tweets that are creative related. What I was to find out left me speechless. Now that, was to die for. See for yourself, and again, visit her website. She requires a whole blog post. So watch out for that. Probably this week or next.


Michelle Monique and her awesome work of art.


Staying inspired for the better of me and the world.

The Krox


5 Jul

As time changes so do people. They get older, wiser, more matured. This blog has been here for almost a year now. Why did I start blogging? It was as an online field to share my knowledge and also get different ideas  from other people. It was an online play ground. Then it became a photo and design blog. All as a result of self identity and trying to find my zone. And now it has all changed. Surprised?? Well, that is the reason I have taken a couple of months before doing a single post up. I wanted to find out what I really want to do. You know they say that, insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I want  new results, so I changed how I do this. That said, this is no longer a photo and design blog. It is a personal blog with photography stuff and other creative stuff. Basically, it is a personal blog where I post photography and a bunch of other artistic stuff.

I am generally a person who is wowed so much by photography and I hope to showcase that to other people through this blog. What do I intend to achieve with this technique? Or rather you might be asking yourself why I made this change and if it was really necessary. Well, I intend among other things, to learn more. Pushing myself to do something more. I have an intention of making more friends of similar interest, Make myself known. I would be lying if I said I do not want to create awareness about myself through this blog. Most importantly however, I want to become an advanced photography enthusiast.

I am a photography enthusiast. I love being an enthusiast, because it does not limit you to being a photographer. I may be a photographer, then again I may be just someone who experiments with that art. I could shoot anything or talk about anything I find interesting in photography. That way I wouldn’t be labeled a ‘something’ photographer or anything. I am an enthusiast because I am passionate about the art of photography. Both from the perspective of capturing moment and creating a physical, photographic representation of imagination or concept. I want to be able to like what I do and do what I do. I want to be free of limits of enjoying this art. That is why I am an enthusiast.

An advanced photography enthusiast? I first heard this from the guys at photography monthly magazine. There are levels of enthusiasm, as much as there is a beginner and a pro. Advanced photography enthusiasts are well aware how systems work, are aware of techniques. Generally an advanced photography enthusiast has a huge amount of knowledge about photography and related fields. That is my goal, and where I hope to reach to sometime in the near future.

I hope to talk much about photography in this blog throughout my pursuit of advancement. This is also a start of something big. I hope that God willing, The Krox may grow to be a major photography blog. Where its strictly awesome enthusiastic stuff. I have been working on a number of posts, some of which as of now I only have an idea of how it may be. The posts will be something that you would definitely want to keep up to. I will share about what inspires me, what marvels me, what I have learnt, What I am learning, what I shoot, what I plan to shoot, what I dream of shooting. Everything about my photography enthusiast life I plan to share in this blog.

I plan to talk about what inspires me, how I get that type of inspiration, Analyze different photographers who have managed to create a unique and personal identity with their art. Through this analysis, I may be able to peep into their creative minds and try to see what they see.  Communication is core essence in Art, and I believe that photography is an art. Being able to decipher this communication will lead to high level of growth. There really is so much that I have planned up for this new look blog. For this new project, and I hope that I will be able to fulfill it. However, you will have to wait to see.

This week, I will be taking an looking at photography in detail. I want to explore stuff that I love.  I will be focusing on very interesting  subjects that you sure don’t want to miss.  I shall share more on the next diary post. Ciao.

The Krox.