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3 Feb

This is the last of this experimental shoot,.. gotta say,… I really really enjoyed this. What I enjoyed most must have been the learning process. What I disliked the most?… the stress and energy had to go through to get this shoot done. Aanyways,.. may tell you about that some other day,.. for now,..



Mob Wars

2 Feb

I tried hard to get a name for this post But I just could not. Any way, the bright side is that this project got me sooo excited,.. I told al my fam about this yet they didn’t even know what I was talking about.

I got most of the inspiration from Li Wei ,.. whom according to me is a really really great Artist, and Mutua Matheka (follow him on TWITTER already,..) an equally great photographic artist. Actually, It is what made me do this post. He had these conceptual shoots running on his blog for some time, and everytime I wanted to do something like that ( read, every time I got random inspiration) One can only take an amount of inspiration.

Without further ado,….