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Painting with the sunset.

22 Jan


Sunrise in High Dynamic Range

15 Jan

Last month, My family went over to Malindi for the Holidays. And boy was it fun!! Every aspect of it. I have documented photos and videos.. hint hint!! Any way, here is a beautiful (in my opinion) shot of the sunrise at Malindi. Its in HDR, (High Dynamic Range) This is a style that I have not quite mastered, Please, if you are a pro, please give directions here, you know, comment, correct, critique.

I want this blog to go back to what it was initially, an online playground where I get to learn and if possible, teach a thing or two


here it is, yet again,.. enjoy


A Cloudy Affair

29 Dec

I have always loved clouds, loved how they form different shapes. Since I was a little child, I’ve always gazed at the sky and just marvelled at the clouds. I have always felt like that is where Angels dance. They dance beautifully on the clouds hence the different shapes. On a few occassions I have been able to capture really awesome clouds.

Not even once have I not taken a photo of clouds when I am out shooting. Its like an addiction. An addiction I am quite liking.

Today’s cloud is special to me, and may be my most favorite image. The best image I have ever taken on clouds (yet) . I like it mostly because it looks like a cat/dog /lion ,.. that is the most beautiful characteristic of any cloud. The ability to change into any shape.

Any way, Enjoy the image, your comments and faves will be highly appreciated.


Yes, I’m Back.

1 Dec

So I told you guys the Blog will be taking a break till the 29th. Well today is the first of December. World Aids Day. ( Hint! Hint!) yeah, I know, a post should definitely come up because of that matter. But true to my words, the blog did make a comeback on the 29th. With some changes of course, I know now you have noticed that I am spoting the modularity lite theme ( the good looking template on this blog.) It was not particularly easy to go to this theme. And I have reasons. First of all, I did not want to look like I was copying or imitating how other Kenyan Design and Photography blogs look like. That is why I had the other theme on for such a long time.

I know, that now its looking rather similar to other blogs out there. That’s a good and a bad thing at the same time,… anyway, to cut the long boring story short, I did change the theme. so, you better like it, and I have tried to make it as different as possible from the others.

The others are generally unique in their own self.,… any way,.. we are back. Expect some awesome stuff as I continue learning in the fields that interest me the most. Design and Photography Baby!


Any who,.. here’s today Image. Hope you like it.

When is the last time you saw an actual cow??

Photo Of the Day

12 Nov

Ever since I started doing photos of my home – Bungoma, it has been so thrilling, and so far, I love the response you people are giving it.

I especially love the aspect that finally Bungoma, Western Kenya is being put on the map photographically speaking.

But the truth is , really, Kenya, and Africa as a whole is blessed with so many features photographers can shoot and enjoy avery aspect of it.

Here is another great shot of Bungoma, these Hills are called Sang’alo Hills.


Bungoma Photography set #2

9 Nov

In the same spirit of Bungoma being photographed, here is another set. Many more are yet to come, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, it all depends.

If you don’t know where Bungoma is, well, just know that it is in Western Kenya. It is a beautiful small town with a vast country side. It is really quiet and mostly, Beautiful.

I would love to know your views on this one. Tell me what you think!

Nancy Weds Dan- the Teaser

8 Nov

Something so amazing happened to me over the weekend. A friend of mine,..no, actually, friends of mine, were getting married. Here in the beautiful country side of Bungoma. I am and was really happy for them.

So as we were talking about their big day, I kinda asked who would be taking photos n their wedding, well, it turned out, they did not have someone in mind. It is one of those things that they were looking forward to but they, 1) did not have someone good enough in mind and 2) It was a little bit hard on their pockets at that time to get a high end pro photographer.

Dan is a keyboardist (pianist) at church, and also the leader at our youth group choir. ( Yeah, I’m involved!!) So,.. normally, they asked if I could do them the favor of shooting in their wedding.

What they did not know is that, actually, it was them doing me a favor. Giving me an opportunity to try out what I have learnt and waht I know,.. without spoiling their wedding, and boy!! did I do a good job!!

Here’s a teaser to what is to come on their wedding.

As always,.. ENJOY! 🙂 and do not forget to comment, critique and correct.

Coming up this week is the wedding shoot. Wait for it. It’s really beautiful.

Life in the River.

6 Nov

The River is like Life, I believe. It flows, as if it has no end, as a matter of fact, the river gives you a feeling that it defines the very principles of life.

The River doesn’t sleep, does’nt become sick, doesn’t cry,but may die.

While still alive, the river keeps singing, shouting, dancing, sometimes punishing.

But in each and every way,.. the River keeps living.

I draw a whole lot of inspiration from every aspect of nature, one of them is the River. It gives me the strength to keep on keeping on.

There is life in the River.  🙂

Coming soon to this blog.

19 Oct

Okay, so this is a heads up. There’s a new project coming soon to this blog. A beautiful project that I KNOW you guys will be thrilled to see.

I don’t have a name for it yet, but the least you could do, well, after you know what it is going to be all about, is suggest a name for it. Any way, This is what is coming up soon.

As a tribute to me growing up in Bungoma and Western Province In Kenya, I feel like this location has not been put on the map globally, and even nationally, photographically speaking. And since I live here, I thought, why not start a project to showcase this beautiful Kenyan country side?

So what you will be seeing soon here, obviously among many other things, is Western Kenya photographed.   You will enjoy it, I promise you.

That said and done, there is a beautiful photo that I took, somewhere in Bungoma, I really do not remember the name of the place, but it is quite a distance from my home . Here it is.



14 Oct


I almost do not believe that I pulled this out. Simply out of pure curiosity of just what exactly HDR is, and how do photographers simulate this.

We all know the meaning of learning. I think majorly because most of our lives and stuff we go through require a lot of learning. Graphy. The dictionary describes graphy as :a combining form denoting a process or form of drawing, writing, representing, recording, describing,.or and art or science concerned with such a process.

That is why I chose to name this increadibly amazing post, according to me, as Learning-o-graphy. In the past fwe weeks and days I have learnt quite alot that I have put into practice. I have given a shot to learning some of the best techniques High end prpffesional photographers do. So, today my Youth group went out for a THursday sports outing. We would not have gone due to the rains, but htey soon subsided and off we went. As we were in the field, I took my time clicking away. Capturing both people and nature. I came up with some of my favourite works yet. Both shots at the cloud after the rain, on the opposite side of the sunset.

Another reason why I call this post Learning-o-graphy, should be also due to the fact that I have actually posted two blog posts in a single day. Now, that is something.!!