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I Love You Wall Paper Pack

14 Feb


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1400 X 900 1600 X 1280 1900 X 1440 1920 X 1200 iPad phone


Happy Valentines!!

1440 X 900



15 Jan

So I was inspired by @SteveKitots to try out Monochromed photos. He does it soo well on his blog you immediately fall in love. So, fine, I have not had a great monochrome friendly shot, but I decided to use any, and somehow, I landed on this one, took it along the shore of the beach. My brother and I wanted to do this for some girl somewhere, but I guess the matter was soon forgotten.

Monochrome is a good style, Maybe one day I will be very comfortable with it ( why lie, I love Color)

Check out his blog, there’s so much talent in there LINK