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30 Mar

I may be moody. Why? I walked out of a Financial Accontinc C.A.T today. But that may not be a totally bad thing because I kinda passed the other cat. Any who, maybe this business course wasn’t exactly the best thing for me. Then again, It definitely was.  I’m not complaining though.

So I had an image I wanted to share. Since I have no internet at my house this week, I have been passing by the Cyber cafe just outside School, blogging, and catching up in all the online fun. I guess among the basic needs of an individual like me should be the internet. I know people have all these arguments about the internet beeing a neccesary evil that should be done away with. While that may be true, there is more than just porn on the internet. There are millions of Resources and Information. Like for me, I have been in an online School Learning Photography and Digital Art. At the same time, I am in a day school learning Business. The Combo = DEADLY !!

Without further ado,.. lemme share and image I have been wanting to. I also have a blog post to do right after this about Kamilika. You remember the project I was telling you about?.. yes , That ONE!


New Years Sunset

4 Jan

Hellow world and everyone out there. I am so delighted to post this today. I thank God for the ability and the strength to even see this year. Well, one the first day of the year I was able to take these beautiful shots and images, I sure do hope that you will love and enjoy them. These happen to be the first sunset of 2011.

I hope the year will continue to be beautiful and offer such exhilarating and breath taking shots.





I know., I know,… I sure do hope that you have yourself a good year.