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2 Dec

I remember when I told you this blog takes a break. That was because I had to wind up with activities about School. By the way, I was a theology student at the Bungoma Bible School, It was time to graduate and I realised I was not even through with the terms assignments, and the rules were simple, If you aint done, you don’t graudate. So I took time off to finish em, and boy, was it stressful, next year when I join college I promise my self to do stuff on time. Working is important.

Speaking of working and its importance, what hits your mind is the colonial ants, okay, in a way, I think they were built like that. They are just workers by default. But they sure do work a whole lot. That is today’s inspiration, the ants. Enjoy.





and just how mean would I be If I didn’t show you the picture from my graduation?? Yes, my first graduation, and many more to come. I’m the fourth dude form the left, the only smiling one and the handsome looking one.    P.S, I do not know who took this photo. But I added the flair.