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Painting With Digital Light

9 Jan

Remember the post where I told you about painting with Digital Light by Live Rasoloarison ?? ( worry not, it’s just a few posts below) well, I went ahead and gave it a shot some time back. Just this instant I thought to myself that it might make a good blog post. Well, how wouldn’t it?

Anywho, it was epic giving it a trial. I took a rather boring image and post processed it, kinda looking to give it that amazing light streaks that the other photographer had blown me away with.

Here it is,


Incase you are wondering, those are my pals. I am/ was involved in a dance group in school last year (this year too, God willing) An amazing bunch of dancers these guys are.  Okay, so yeah, I accredit all the inspiration behind this from that other post I told you guys about. What do you think, is it a type of processing I should explore??



13 Oct

What you have just seen is an experiment I was doing the other night. What I tried was to simulate an image form a photo I got somewhere  on the internet. It may not be all that, but it truly is a step forward into what I am learning. As I had previously told you,. this is my online playground, where I want to try out something and get your views on it.



“I keep his word in me, so I’m shinning all the time”– Flame

I am a young Christian,. just growing up. There are a  few things that I have developed an interest and passion over time. One of these things happens to be Christianity. Well,.I seriously look forward to improving myself in this sector. (Apart from design)

I wanted to create am image where it would be evident that His word (I’m referring to God here,) Should be seen shinning on me, Thus the  glowing cross vector.

I really hope to grow more in this sector and do even more beautiful posts, designs and wallpapers, for a passion I have and also for what I believe in.

Oh yeah, and here is the pic I tried so simulate.

please comment, critique and correct.