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24 Jan

So I  was using a point and shoot Camera that is smart enough to give me D.O.F ………. How nice!!


New Years Sunset

4 Jan

Hellow world and everyone out there. I am so delighted to post this today. I thank God for the ability and the strength to even see this year. Well, one the first day of the year I was able to take these beautiful shots and images, I sure do hope that you will love and enjoy them. These happen to be the first sunset of 2011.

I hope the year will continue to be beautiful and offer such exhilarating and breath taking shots.





I know., I know,… I sure do hope that you have yourself a good year.

Life in the River.

6 Nov

The River is like Life, I believe. It flows, as if it has no end, as a matter of fact, the river gives you a feeling that it defines the very principles of life.

The River doesn’t sleep, does’nt become sick, doesn’t cry,but may die.

While still alive, the river keeps singing, shouting, dancing, sometimes punishing.

But in each and every way,.. the River keeps living.

I draw a whole lot of inspiration from every aspect of nature, one of them is the River. It gives me the strength to keep on keeping on.

There is life in the River.  🙂