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3 Sep

So its been a year since I decided to start this blog specifically for photography and creativity related stuff. True, it has gone through major changes and I have taken time really discovering myself and what I really love and would like to pursue. I was looking through and at some of the images that I have shot over the year. Actually. almost all the images I have posted here I shot last year. Yeup, I have almost shot zero photos that I have uploaded to this blog.

As a year elapses, I am just about to acquire my first DSLR camera, and I gotta say, things done changed. I have not uploaded any photo that I shot this year, since most of them have been going into my photography sketchbook. Where I have learnt many things, including post processing and even lighting. As  I acquire my first DSLR, I hope to give this new year a run for its creativity. I hope. man, lets pray.

Anywho, as a year elapses, this are some of the photos I shot and I liked. I would probably do it all differently if I had the chance, but I thank God that I had a place to start from and this was it.









These should be like the 5 images that I have liked so much over the one year that has passed. I know that I may be able to do so much better now than then, but dont everyone got a place to start. Plus, I shot these using the Sony DSC-HX1 that my Dad owns . I was really limited into what I could do with the photos, plus, I had almost zero lessons in composition and all that other photography related stuff.

WEll, I think I can only say that this is the beginning of newer stuff, strengthening the passion, learning more, and be keen on the road to awesomeness. Oh and by the way, I am not ashamed of my first photos ( those I shared with the world that is.


Sunrise Gallery 2

15 Mar

And the second baby in the docket,,,


Photo of the Day- Ocean Cows

8 Feb

I was going to give you that, ‘this photo shall be delivered without words ‘ but,.. Hey, I think I wanna say something, I mean, its my blog right>???

It was in the evening, the sun was setting, then I see these Cows, with their herdsmen. I used to think, well, basically from my Social Studies class, that people who lived by the ocean were solely fishermen, boy,was I in for a surprise. Then again I thought, If Animals can communicate, can you imagine the type of stories these Cows hear??? It is like living in a different world all together, and they are the aliens.


While you ponder about this, The photo shall be delivered without more words.


Photo of the Day

23 Jan

This is my photo of the day. I want to share with you guys, I so totally love this picture, Hope you do too.