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The Spirit of Christmas [3]

19 Dec

Hey good people its the third,.. the Spirit of Christmas, ( showcasing the Christmas mood ….. going strong) I love the progress.

To be completely honest, I almost did not have a plan for todays post, I was probably going to come up with an excuse for not blogging today. (Okay, not really) I was really going to blog, especially now that I have started getting some readership on this blog. You guys do not know how happy that makes me. So if you are reading this right now, just know that you are one big source of joy to me, and an inspiration for me to keep doing what I do,.. ( okay, I know this is cliche`, I actuallyread it somewhere else), but truth be told, I feel so good when you guys check out this blog.

So on to today’s post.

Today I focus on family time. I believe that family is a very important aspect in everyones life. It adds the joy and the spices that make us jovial every day. Today, my family were playing along the beach. God actually gave us an opportunity to be able to go to the coast for a family vacation. It is somewhere along the North coast, few KMs form Malindi, actually a coastal country side ( if there exists such a thing.) There is so much free space and very few people. It is the true definition of a get away!!

Some Fishermen sold us some Octopuses, which my mom insisted on cooking,.. the mare fact that I was against eating Octopus cooked by my mom whom according to me is a sea food illitrate individual (okay, pun intended), gave me reason to do this post.

I may or may not eat this Octopus today, but being involved in cooking, googling recipes (lol, I’m tech savvy like that) , and in all ways trying to make the Octopus edible made our family bond more. All in the Spirit of Christmas.

So I know its important, thats why I feel you should definitely involve your family in Christmas events this season.

Do have a good Christmas time. Enjoy every bit of it.




Oh yeah, and please you can email this image to your friends as Christmas greeting Cards, upload them on facebook and tag your friends, twitpic at your favorite tweeps. Use it in any non-commercial but Season friendly (Christmas) way.