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16 Nov

I have been thinking whether I should post this or not. Why?? Because I am thinking of changing my template to something like the Modularity lite theme. Why? because it offers larger images and I can really have fun sharing images and other design related stuff.

The same reason I did not make a post yesterday. But I will do that soon, maybe today,.. Bungoma Photography set #3 coming up. Yaaay!!

Its officially becoming an obsession and a course I wanna fulfill.

……So, here’s today’s post.

It’s design photo manipulation.  there is alot behind it really, very personal form of expression I must say, I am getting my ground in freedom. Freedom to make my own choices, make my money, use it as I will, choose on what to believe in ( if you are 19 you find it really cool)

But the biggest freedom I have found so far should be the freedom I have found in Christianity. I am a Christian, and unashamed,….

Here it is though.,..(DRUM ROLLS)


image source: verde serde –  Deviant art