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With Age comes Wisdom

7 Feb





With Age Comes Wisdom,

With Wisdom, Knowledge

With Knowledge, Discovery

With Discovery, Opinion

With Opinion, Argument,

With Argument, Thought,

With Thought, Life,

With Life, Growth,

With Growth, Age

With Age comes Wisdom.


poetry and Photography (c) John Ochuro


I Dream of Fire.

31 Dec

For some reason, this feels like a title to a poem,So I’ll give a poem a shot.


I dream of fire

the flickery flames that dance to a tune

dazzling light that burns and consumes

Deep golden,lilac blue or green

colors that carry emotion from within

I dream of fire.


I dream of fire

but not the one that burns when you touch

of that brings light to the dark

but that which eases the pain

and cools the heated atmosphere

I dream of fire.

I dream of fire

fire that cannot be quenched

fire that cannot easily be started

a fire that is based on emotion

sparked by inspiration,

hate or affection

Fire that is personal

and cannot be shared.

A fiery identity.

I dream of fire.



lol,.. how did that Go??. Don’t judge, I did that poem under 10 minutes. I had not even planned on doing it. ( And these are not just excuses!) 🙂

But you do have a good day/ Expect a few more posts from me as we end the Year. Happy New Year