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15 Oct

So I finally got to do an Album Cover. I have done many miscellenious projects for people, but not exactly one that can be checked out by the Whole world. Done Business Cards, Web page layouts, very many personal projects, but never an Album Cover for someone.

And so my boy Shukid called me up and wanted  me to do him the Album Cover to his album/mixtape/compilation of songs/all the above (read aside)/ none of the above (still, read, aside).

In all honesty, it is such an honor to do him his Debut Album cover. I totally feel him, and in all honesty, I think he is the B

est Rap artiste in East Africa. Yep I said that, you are now probably raising your eyebrows wondering if I’m for real or not. This is where you are to visit his Reverbnation account and prove for yourself. Please Note, that he does not do Gospel Music, but Beautiful music, Poetry in Rap. Nuff said, find out the rest for yourself.

Since this is not exactly a random blog, but my design blog, I will spare you the boring details/


He wanted me to an album cover to the Album “Thy Kingdom come” Please note that I was miles away, at my home in Bungoma, while he was in Nairobi. Never told me what he wanted, no nothing, just an album cover.  So

like any other artist, you can imagine how much stress that can give you. Lucky for me, I’ve known him for Years now, so I kinda got the picture of what I wanted to do when he told me so.

After bumming I got right into the project, simulated a  number of album covers, first o

n paper,. which is just a rough sketch, and then to the tools that I use,. Illus

trator, and Photoshop, and at times some Fireworks.

This is how I did the projects, in order of time. as always lemme know what you think. Check out Shukid also. (that would be cool!!)