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IR (Infrared) Photography

27 Oct

There are a couple of reasons why I love nature photography. One of them should be because I believe in creation, and I marvel at the beauty of the Mother Earth. I also love what many photographers have been able to capture with their cameras. Most of these photgraphers however, have been bold enough, to look at the world with a different perspective. To show the world how they see the world as it is. The result is a beautiful result that leaves you in complete awe.

So, just what exactly is IR (Infrared) photography?? OK, simply, I’ll put it this way, there is visible light, and invisible light. infrared photography is beeing able to capture the invisbe light. With digital photography this is very possible. You need to get an IR filter that goes on the end of your lens. The result is amazing.

Here are a few examples from the internet, complete with links. Just click on them to check out the photographer, or the source.

p.s I have so many beautiful examples of IR photography and cannot showcase all, make sure you check out the rest. Again, Enjoy.. 🙂











These photographs are not mine and belong to the respective photographers. As an art lover and photography enthusiast, I understand how bad I would feel if some other artist took credit for my hard work. Please visit the photographer’s flickr page and show them the love they deserve!