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When Do you STOP?

11 Jan

Today I have been hit by a perfect, ‘when do you stop?’ scenario.

Mostly when in post processing, we usually aim for a specific look and touch to your photo. Well, at times that might not necessarily be the case, sometimes you may just be playing around waiting to see what really gives. In my today situation, I was looking to hit that  magenta/purplish I smile kind of backdrop color in “I smile” video by Kirk franklin. I know I have a long way to go.

Well, I almost hacked it, I think, But I did not, I kept going through these processes that I felt like they were pulling me back, and as I continued, I wasn’t just really feeling my outcome anymore. I decided to wing it anyway, and come with an interesting result regardless. That was not going to be such a hard task, I thought to myself. Believe me though, it was such hard work. Excruciatingly hard work (okay, I’m being dramatic)

The main reason however why I got what I got, is that I did not exactly fuse my vision with what I had at hand and thought carefully about what I was to do. Vision is key, and there is pre shoot vision, shooting-time vision and post process vision. Mine were kind of the same, that is why I got what I got.

So, when do you stop? You stop when you think you’ve achieved the closest thing to what you had in mind. It is very possible to keep going and going and never really hitting. When you get to that point when you feel like you should really stop because you are almost there, STOP. That is what I did today.

I plan to lean a process, a creative process over this period, and most likely share it with you guys in the near future. Here’s the video of what I was hoping to get, with a little more textured back drop. Hope to get it much better for a children’s home project I have in mind..



here’s my post. 6/365



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Painting With Digital Light

9 Jan

Remember the post where I told you about painting with Digital Light by Live Rasoloarison ?? ( worry not, it’s just a few posts below) well, I went ahead and gave it a shot some time back. Just this instant I thought to myself that it might make a good blog post. Well, how wouldn’t it?

Anywho, it was epic giving it a trial. I took a rather boring image and post processed it, kinda looking to give it that amazing light streaks that the other photographer had blown me away with.

Here it is,


Incase you are wondering, those are my pals. I am/ was involved in a dance group in school last year (this year too, God willing) An amazing bunch of dancers these guys are.  Okay, so yeah, I accredit all the inspiration behind this from that other post I told you guys about. What do you think, is it a type of processing I should explore??


Painting with Digital Light #inspiration

16 Nov

I am sitting here, planning to do this post, but I know if I let it go, I may not be able to do this post any time soon. So I just have to do it.

I stumbled on some of the most epic digital painting by a French artist that I have just got to share. He goes by his name, (I think studio name ) Live Rasoloarison is a malagasy freelance graphic artist who lives in Paris. He is specialized in illustration, graphic design, photo retouching and digital photography. ( from his ‘about me’)

Any who, without further ado,…








more sooner..maybe tonite. BE INSPIRED!!!!!

Amazing Retro/Vintage Light Streak Photos of Christopher Kilkus

26 Aug

About a year ago, I did not like Fashion photography that much. Matter of fact, I always felt like it was really boring to shoot people. You see, I am that person who loves nature and all that encompasses it. Well, I have to admit that regardless, I still valued fashion photography and how in essence, it is a very powerful medium of expression. There is a certain technique in photography that I really find beautiful, and that is the Retro/Vintage style in post processing. If I do get the time, which I’m hoping I will, (btw, today is my all I want to do is blog day) I will post various other photographers who have done this technique and made it look so awesome.

Christopher Kilkus is a professional photographer whose works speaks of themselves. He discovered his passion for fashion and photography very early in life. He is originally from San Francisco. Christopher has successfully created himself as a household name in fashion photography, branding forever 21 and Heritage 1981 (now you kinda get the Retro vibe right)

He has worked with a solid cliantelle list  such as BCBG Max Azria, Herve Leger, Forever 21, Macy’s, GAP, Banana Republic, Wet Seal, Fox Girls, Billabong, Sony Music, Island Def Jam, Interscope Records, Vogue Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Interview Magazine, Maxim Magazine, Surface Magazine, Teen Magazine, & others.

Here’s some of his Amazing work.

Follow him Twitter




Pdf portfolio


And now.. ( Drum rolls)














Well, I am having trouble posting links on the videos at the moment,.. but will sure get back to you as soon as possible.




The Krox magazine

25 Aug

I am one of those people that when I get so consumed by an idea, I will go ahead and do it, with a bid to be able to give it a shot.  I want to give a magazine a shot. Yes, a magazine.

So this is my idea. Like a weekly magazine. Maybe on the weekends. To design one, a digital format one, pdf, then available it free for download. I am also thinking of getting an account on the itunes store and post them as iBooks. It sounds sorta hard to pull off right? well worry not, because the initial plan is not to do a really big magazine. maybe 5 – 10 pages. Weekly.

I am shooting for a very intricate magazine design. I love design, I will not lie. Editorial designs have been what I have been into lately and I know that is one thing I want to explore now as I continue with a bid to expound my wings and fly away. The Krox, as it maybe called, well, incase I come up with a really cool and creative name, will be focusing majorly on photography. Just an extension of this blog.

It is not hard to pull off a magazine all by yourself. You know, the deesigning, the writing, the creative energies that go into a project and all, but I know that with time it will be able to kick off.

So, yeah, that is what I am thinking about at the moment. I will redo or update this post later on when I work on the specifics. It is going to be one of the most interesting projects, that I plan to undertake very soon, so, watch this space (cliche` much?)

The Krox.

Inspiration: Wedding Photography by Daniel Griffiths

23 Aug

Daniel Griffiths is an Australian based photographer his style of Photography is deeply authentic and has a photo journalistic feel. It is no surprise, as he is a seasoned photo journalist.

I found his work on Youtube a little over a year ago. Over time, I have not been able to find his other work online, although he has a beautiful website and a blog. Visit his blog here. And Website Here.

Well I really do not have much to say, but, this is defintely a talented wedding photographer.

For some time now, I have wanted to do a research on wedding photography, so I went back, collecting inspiration and looking all over for photographers whom I feel inspire me much when it comes to photography. Here is one of them, the angles, composition and the editing of these photos is just superb. Not to mention the lighting and the location.

My hope is that you are able to grasp some inspiration from his work, as his work is truly something to marvel at. I wouldn’t be exactly able to define what his style is, but it is unique and beautiful. And that is what counts. I have heard a whole lot the discussion about wedding photography not being an art, and I disagree. It is, this work is proof that it is.

Check this out.


And well, here are videos from his Youtube Channel. Hope you watch them, enjoy, then get inspired.

1. the one I fell in love with totally.

2. A randomly beautiful one.

3. A later one with newer beautiful images.


Be inspired.

The Krox.



Inspiring Digital Photography works of Laura Ferreira

21 Jul

Digital photography is really awesome. What in my opinion makes it so cool, is the ability to tell our stories. To let our wildest imagination out and express it through digital media. Over time, conceptual photography has grown. I had set out to do a research on conceptual photography but haven’t reached far with the agenda. In a nut shell, over the years, photographers have created situations (concepts) which they found cool and expressed it in a medium. The medium was photography. As time moved, they found a way to sharpen their vision and expression using digital means. Initially, concepts could only be created up to the level where the reality was. It was almost impossible to go beyond and delve into the imaginary part /fantasy part of photography. Digital photography has opened doors for a revolution of the norm. given rise to the dawn of  endless possibilities in photography and also in video.

There are many people who value traditional photography with bias to digitally enhanced photographs. It may not be a bad thing,  although we have to appreciate the whole aspect of  photography. Photography is an art and a craft, and in every art and craft, the artist may create or interpret. I see many young photographers with a creative mind and passion for expression using this medium.

Any way, among the people who have really inspired me lately is Laura Ferreira. Check out her Work HERE.  She is a Trinidad and Tobago photographer who loves ‘fashionography’- Fashion Photography. Her approach to her photography is really awesome, with beautiful tones, composition, lighting and Post processing. Her work always makes me want to go out and shoot. She  has specialized in fashion, Surrealism and Portraiture. Seeing how her creativity shines through her photographs is something very inspirational. You can check out the rest of her beautiful art on Deviant Art .

I feel like people should start embracing digital photography a bit more, not only focusing on traditional rules.  This should inspire you to try out Fantasy photography once in a while.

Here is some of her work.


I had terribly incorrectly spelled  her name, so I had to do this update here. and also maybe add an image or two.





30 Mar

Back ground

At the end of last year, I had decided and told God that I was going to use Creative Arts as a form of enlighting others and Also Spreading the Gospel. Creative arts include alot of things, from Performance arts such as Music and Acting, to Visual art. The plan was to use any available means to do so. And it partly worked, or its partly working.

Any ways, a friend of mine and I got together, and we are working on this project. It is called Kamilika. As you guessed it ( or now trying to guess,) It is a Christian based project.



Kamilika is a youth ministry that focusses on young urban youth. It is a clothline that foccuses on Positive and Encouraging Christian Vibe. Kamilika Clothline is the main affiliate of Kamilika.

Kamilika will be mostlyan online Youth Experience, with an interaction with the physical. It will be a website (hopefully) that provides relevant material to young Christians. To elaborate just a bit about that, Kamilika hopes to provide resources such as lessons and Curriculums created by Scholars and Youth Ministers around the Nation, provide Wallpapers, Poetry, And a bunch of many inspirational stuff that is just out right cool.

Will definitely tell more about it as time goes on.


This is the Kamilika Logo.

It is an image of a man in a tux,.. fully dressed and looking sharp. Ame kamilika.

Kamilika means perfection. It does not mean that we are perfect, but that we are striving towards perfection. that as yong Christians, we are aiming to be made perfect through Christ. Aiming towards Kamilika.

Here is the first tee design, its entitled Pendo la Ajabu,.. which means, No ordinary Love.

There is a lot to share about that, but for now, enjoy the first view by the world.,..


Cinematic and Panorama

28 Mar

Good people, hope all of you are good. I am too.  A lot has happened the last few days. For one, I got my hands on Adobe Creative Suite 5 !!! yes ! Finally, Its been a long time of wait but I finally got it. I just felt like I wanted to use CS5. you see, I have never really used it, I started using photoshop 7 ages ago, when I was still growing up, it was my Dad’s , then I got CS2 then CS3 and I have been using it ever since. I never upgraded to Creative Suite 5 or anything. So you kinda know how cool it feels to be able to do so! Naww mean??

Any who, for a long time I have had the craving to process my photos and give them a Cinematic effect. I’m still learning to do that. When I got my hands on CS5 yesterday, I thought, what better thing to do than to try out the Cinematic effect. I kinda pulled it off. But there is too much to learn. Trick to learn this is to watch alot of movies. And i mean a lot of movies.

here are the Cinematic ones I did


and another one




And now to Panorama. For a second I thought I will never like Panorama,… but I do, will be doing a lot more often, especially since I love landscapes,.. here are few I’ll share few for now



and another thing good people, I’m scouting for a creative water mark for my photos,.. suggestions

With Age comes Wisdom

7 Feb





With Age Comes Wisdom,

With Wisdom, Knowledge

With Knowledge, Discovery

With Discovery, Opinion

With Opinion, Argument,

With Argument, Thought,

With Thought, Life,

With Life, Growth,

With Growth, Age

With Age comes Wisdom.


poetry and Photography (c) John Ochuro